۱۶ Best HTML Web Hosting Website Templates 2017

You are always prepared and fully equipped for building a powerful and professional hosting site with HTML web hosting website templates.

It might sound intimidating, building a website for a web hosting company, however, it is far from being anywhere close to it. As you will find out, it is actually fairly easy. With the tools, you will find in this collection, you are not far away from crafting the ideal site for your services. But when it comes to hosting pages, you should go beyond design.

Making it appealing to the eye is one thing, but to make it practical and highly functional is a whole other chapter. Worrying about any of the mentioned is not your concern. Thanks to the flexible hosting templates, you are sorted with everything needed to build a professional and modern web page.

From complex to minimal designs, these HTML web hosting website templates cover them all. Some of the templates come with many predefined layouts for you to choose and a ton of files that you can benefit from. There are a few which also come with an individually forged template to link the main product with the WHMCS platform.

No matter what type of hosting you offer, shared, VPS or dedicated, these HTML web hosting templates cover them all. Expand your web hosting business’ horizons with a freshly designed website.

Cloud Me

cloud me HTML web hosting website template

Clean, elegant and stylish HTML web hosting website template, Cloud Me, has your business site stacked with everything you require. This sophisticated and modern item is ready to bring things to realization and ensure your business to grow above and beyond. Based on the Zurb Foundation framework, Cloud Me is flexible and fully responsive. With great animations, you will quickly grab visitors attention and turn them into loyal customers. Perfect for the hosting industry, still, with some modifications, you can have Cloud Me ready for other niches, too.

Cloud Me comes with integrated WHMCS template to ensure you the exact look through the whole site experience. From browsing and all the way to the billing system, let it all be genuine.
For guests to get in touch with you with any questions they may have, you are also served with AJAX/PHP contact form. Validation and success messages are included as well.

Use Cloud Me hosting template as is, or add your creative touch to it and make it go against the grain. If this crisp clean web design is what you are into, pick it up, modify it and create a custom version of it. An exquisite business site is not far away from releasing it to the online space.

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North Host

north host HTML web hosting website template

Two front page designs and a whole bunch of other useful features for the creation of a stunning website. Premium web hosting HTML template, North Host, delivers all the must-haves and then some in one zip file. Look around the folders and bring that perfect website for your hosting firm into being. With a highly adaptable template, your business will be represented on the web in the best light. One thing is for sure, you definitely will not lack professionalism at any stage of your success story. From the very beginning and once you become an established brand, be on the same level of proficiency at all times.

Mentioned earlier, there are two index pages that come with North Host template. The first one includes pricing boxes and the second one Flex slider. You pick the desired one and start from there. For content marketing, you can also incorporate a blog section to your page. Start publishing incredible articles and let not only the readers love them but search engines just as well. That targeted organic traffic may help you scale up your business and bring it to an entirely different level. Offer 24/7 live chat support to answer any questions instantly. Moreover, showcase the companies you work with in a stunning brand slider and give visitors a chance to subscribe to your newsletter.

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servereast HTML web hosting website template

ServerEast is a practical HTML web hosting website template. Use it for any type of web hosting website, as well as corporate needs. No need for massive changes in the design and you can easily use the template for other businesses, too. If you find the design of ServerEast compelling, by all means, use it and let it help you grow your project. Built on Bootstrap 3 and compatible with WHMCS, you get a nearly complete solution for an astonishing online platform. Indeed, there is some work needed from your end but nothing too difficult for one to not be able to accomplish it. Do it all by yourself even if you have very little web knowledge. For your information, it contains an in-depth documentation to assist you at constructing your web hosting business page. Are you down for the challenge?

Some of the key features of ServerEast template are Font Awesome icons, RTL support and MailChimp subscription form. Of course, there is way more to it, so better check the live preview to enjoy all the beautiful animations. Show your stats, clients testimonials and display the pricing with big and stunning boxes. Animated everything. Or have things static with a little customization if that is what you prefer.

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nrg host HTML web hosting website template

If you are in for something a little different then NRGHost template is the right option for you. The design is very modern, creative and minimal, beautifully showcasing your services. The smooth scroll animations and the amazing full-width slider will hook guests immediately. They will be super impressed by the looks of your site, but more importantly, your inviting offer. Combined, you will begin sealling new deals and grow your business on a daily basis.

NRGHost HTML web hosting website template supplies 3 home pages, 4 web hosting pages and 2 blog styles. Offering shared, VPS or dedicated hosting, NRGHost takes care of them all. There are different pages available for each along with the default layout to bring in front of the people why they should pick you over the competition. Give them a good reason and their hunt for the best web host will end with you.

No need of any more persuasion but I need to point out a few more things. First, 4 color presets but there is a built in color customization for your new page to follow your branding. Second, the NRGHost layout is SEO friendly for better rankings. Third, last but not least, 19 HTML pages, performance optimized and even PSDs included. Enough?

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rajhost HTML web hosting website template

Do you need to build a page for your web hosting business ASAP? Are you still figuring out how to make it happen and just cannot come up with the perfect solution? The struggle is over now. With RajHost responsive web hosting HTML template, you can have everything ready for the launch in a short span of time. Avoid the hard work and the endless hours spent designing the perfect layout. The major part of the work is finished. You only have to change the text, the images and the colors and you are ready to go. For those with a little extra time, individualize the template and engineer an excellent site.

All the vital internal pages along with 3 homepages are at your service to benefit from. Put them together in the exact order you fancy and ensure a great experience for every guest who stumbles across your company. RajHost template would not be complete without an active contact form and transcendent documentation.

Play around with different color schemes and patterns, pick wide or boxed layout and enjoy more than 8 custom shortcode elements. The power is in your hands with RajHost template. Do it your way and have all sides of your business under control.

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fivelayer HTML web hosting website template

FiveLayer template’s great blend of features for a cutting edge web design and a quick launch of your website. Either you are fresh in the game or only need a site redesign, here is a great option which gives you a nice specter of options. The default style of FiveLayer template HTML web hosting website template is superb. Slideshow, animations and all the rest make it very appealing to the eye. Just as much as you will like the template, so will guests like your jaw-dropping business website. Perfect for any kind of web hosting you plan to offer or already are offering. Let FiveLayer bring your services in front of a wider audience and start taking new orders.

The Zurb Foundation framework based template quickly adapts to any screen size. Allow mobile and desktop browsers to successfully purchase the needed hosting and get them setup sooner rather than later. There is even a working contact form included and more than 350 Font Awesome icons. FiveLayer template also supports RTL languages and connects you with your billing system without distancing itself from your primary design. The latter is all about the integrated WHMCS template. Take action now and help others bring their online projects to realization with your incredible web hosting services.

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dataserv HTML web hosting website template

Are you starting your very own web hosting company? If you have everything ready except a website, no need to wait any longer. Secure your company an online space with DataServ template and build a site once and for all. The process of setting yourself up will be quick and efficient. You have it all in the downloaded zip file. You only need to bring it into being, add your business info, web hosting specs and different plans and it is almost ready. Some final touches and you can start to luxuriate all the new clients. Since you are in charge, make sure you offer them something special so they will not be able to refuse it. Make it so irresistible they will not be able to hold themselves back. Once they visit your site, make them stay for so long until they buy something.

With a clean and a material modern design, an interactive slider and overall top-notch functionality of your site, guests will easily get intrigued by it. Add a clear call to action and welcome them on board. It almost sounds too easy to be true. Well, let the simplicity of DataServ web hosting template do its thing and skyrocket your business. Let the drum roll begin.

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hostrocket HTML web hosting website template

Creating a web hosting website is like launching a rocket just that it is like one million times easier. Especially with HTML web hosting website templates that you find in this best of collection. Bear in mind, I do not want to scare you off with the rocket part. With the Hostrocket template, you will have a ton of fun establishing the needed site. Not only that but you will also be able to include many features that you see those big sites using. Of course, you can do it all by yourself without the need to ask for help. Still, the template developers are always at your service to offer you any kind of support.

Many are in need of your affordable web hosting services, so it is time to make people around the world happy and fulfilled. It should not be long before you start seeing the first orders coming in once you release the web beast to the online world.

Hostrocket template is responsive and retina ready to work fluently on all devices. Even those who are buyers on the go are allowed to purchase from you using their smartphones.
To build customer loyalty, testimonial slider is a great way to help you showcase the positive experience of your current or past clients. Are you ready yet?

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hostbox HTML web hosting website template

Startups looking to promote their hosting services can achieve a tremendous amount of success with Hostbox HTML web hosting website template. This modern and fundamental HTML landing page template helps you spread the word about your new online project. Let everyone who visits your site immediately understand what you are all about. However, it might be the name of your business which already says more than enough. Without much distractions, Hostbox template does a good job taking care of the technical part. You pick the color preset, edit it and you are ready to be rocking the hosting world.

While you may go with Hostbox HTML5 landing page template as is, you can also modify it. You can customize text, colors, content, images and other elements extremely easily. No need to stick with the default version if you are interested in adding something unique to your website. Hostbox is very minimal on the design but features all the quintessential components a solid web hosting site needs. Should you be looking for other templates or choose Hostbox, that is totally up to you. However, in case you are a startup which wants to bring the word out, Hostbox template is one to consider.

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hostlab HTML web hosting website template

For those of you who are looking for a template with multiple functions, HostLab is certainly one to go with. To build a solid foundation for your web hosting business, you couldn’t choose better. All the essentials and all the necessities (and then some) are ready for you to put to use and craft and mindblowing site. Reach the unreachable and achieve the unimaginable with one powerful HTML web hosting website template.

Shall we begin with the goodies? Why yes indeed. Give yourself a short break and be entertained.

۴ gorgeous home page designs, custom created icons and graphics, over 25 internal page templates and a WHMCS client area, HostLab goes over the top. It also comes with a functional domain checker, plus, a login page. For a swift customer support, you can also attach a live chat to your site. When it comes to web hosting, there might be many questions that occur to people. Your prompt response will unquestionably be the tipping point to help them pick a reliable web hosting company – YOU.

Compatible with the top browsers, retina displays ready and a layout which instantly readjusts to the device screen of any size – have you met HostLab hosting service template yet?

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hostio HTML web hosting website template

To establish an expert-looking and rich in functions web hosting website, Hostio template is the answer. This ready-to-use site is for everyone in need for a quick start of their project. The demo pretty much has it all you need your website to bring in front of the people. You will save time and rather spend the hours promoting your company and do business. Sounds like a great plan, doesn’t it?

Hostio web hosting template underwent a long process of hard work and dedication what results in a modern and innovative UI design called iO. The HTML web hosting website template is easily customizable to fit your brand perfectly. Change colors, text and images and construct something exclusive for your business. You will be positively impressed by how much you can accomplish with one fantastic template.

With all the necessary condiments, you will have it all a high-standards following hosting site needs. Domain search, testimonials, pricing tables and WHMCS template to name a few. Needless to say, Hostio’s support is quick and provides great assistance.

Nothing should be stopping you from bringing about the world’s most needed web hosting services only you can provide. It is time for a change.

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ordomain HTML web hosting website template

Retina ready and responsive OrDomain hosting template was tailored for any type of business in the web hosting industry. From big to small companies, local and global, one tempalte covers all of your needs.

With a big selection of files and many WHMCS templates, your site will be sporting the cleanest design out there. Due to the well assembled documentation, everyone can edit the template and make it look authentic to the brand. Follow it to a T and you will not have any problems at all.

۱۰ predefined color schemes for both the main template and the WHMCS are at your service. Notice: you can always change the colors so they will perfectly fit your logo and branding. Moreover, fashionable advanced domain checker and VPS slider will only spice things up and make your page even more practical. While having too much going on on your site is not the wisest idea, a cool feature and an animation here and there will do only good.

In total, OrDomain HTML web hosting website template provides 20 high-class pages. Domain search, shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated server and FAQ pages are just a few. Aside from adding the text, images and service information, you avoid the long hours coding and designing. It is all pre-built for your and ready to be put to use.

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NRGHost Material

nrghost material HTML web hosting website template

Blending minimalism, with practicality and full functionality is exactly what NRGHost Material template is all about. Whoever is into the design and style of this modern and very creative web hosting template, you already know which from this collection to pick. Following all the modern standards and built using the latest technologies, NRGHost Material is stacked with features which will be of great value for your page. Offering something specific and showcasing it in a way no one else is doing it is very possible with NRGHost Material.

The HTML web hosting template is also equipped with a complementary WHMCS template. That said, from browsing to billing, you are sorted with all the needed. Create a great experience each time one comes to your site and picks the desired web hosting. Even those secret ideas you may have are realizable with NRGHost Material HTML web hosting website template. Get creative, do some tweaks and improvements and modify sample data according to your needs and requirements.

Google Maps, Google fonts, browser compatibility, Font Awesome icons and all bunch of other handy goodies give you creative freedom to design a superb website. With all the included pages, custom hosting and blog pages, too, craft something special for your online project.

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ecohosting HTML web hosting website template

Domain and hosting businesses of all sorts are treated right with EcoHosting template. Do yourself a favor and take care of your needs with a template which will help you develop a business site, ideally fitting your project. With the included WHMCS template, you get a complete solution for your biz. It is all about driving traffic towards your page and start seeing the conversions coming in. As far as the whole web design styling goes, it is only a matter of arranging things and doing small modifications. Other than that, there is almost all ready for you to use and take advantage of.

Friendly for mobile devices and retina displays, EcoHosting is a fluid HTML web hosting website template. Crisp-clean and elegant design, 3 tempting home pages and a ton of demos make it so easy for you to put together a fantastic website. Active domain checker and login page along with live chat widget are a few ingredients which will act very rewarding to your visitors. EcoHosting HTML template even has a contact form included and integrated MailChimp. With more than 30 color presets you probably won’t even need to customize anything. Chances are, the one you fancy might already be used as one of the presets.

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cloudserver HTML web hosting website template

Firms dedicated to domain and web hosting, including other online technology projects, can comfortably build a website with CloudServer template. Just like with any other from our collection, you sure cannot go wrong with this great product. Based on the latest Bootstrap framework, you can do so much with CloudServer that it is almost unthinkable. Once you start building, you will realize how fast the process is. Setting up a page for your online business will work out smoothly. Even if you aren’t one yet, with CloudServer template, you will become very skillful at developing sites. Thanks to all the included content and files, crafting a page requires very little work.

It should not be long before your online appearance is fully equipped and ready to start making you business. Back to top button, live chat, instant domain search, great slider, blog section and much more is what you get with CloudServer template. How much there is you want to include in your site is entirely up to you. Just know that CloudServer HTML web hosting website template gives you a ton of options. By the way, the vertical menu is a cool site navigation to help visitors find the needed info quickly.

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iconhost HTML web hosting website template

That is one very modernistic and creative hosting template you are looking at. ICONHOST template is designed to give you a mixture of options for your site. You can stay strict icons-only or incorporate different images into the design of your page. Both variations are possible, it is only a matter how much you plan to invest in your professional-looking page for your web hosting company. Speaking of icons, ICONHOST, hence the name, encompasses 7 different icon sets. Roughly said, there is something for every taste.

The default and blue themes are pre-made, but you can start the process of adaptation and individualize the look at any time. You are able to do it on your own (follow the documentation). Still, you can contact developers, too, to do it for you. To avoid waiting for support’s response, give it a go yourself. After all, you do not have to be an expert coder.

To distance yourself from the average industry site, ICONHOST HTML web hosting website template features a cool combo offers page. It makes the experience unique and adds plenty of originality to your page. 2 versions of login, contact us and blog pages will only add up to the overall web design.

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