۱۶ Best HTML Construction Company Templates 2017

For the highest return on investment, we turned the internet upside down to find the best HTML construction company templates so you do not have to. Fair enough? Building companies, architecture firms, designers, engineers and the like can take to their advantage any of the templates below and start constructing the ideal site. Luckily, no need for you to worry about the looks of your page. It has all already been done for you. You just pick the preferred construction template and finalize it to fit your requirements.

If you are constructing amazing properties, why not putting yourself through a different type of a building challenge. A website for your business. Let your creative mind and eye for detail do their thing when crafting a professional page. Due to HTML templates’ user friendliness, you will quickly have things in order even if you lack web design skills.

Fantastic HTML construction company templates will help you stand out and grab more potential clients’ attention. Your page will be fully responsive and have all these awesome features guests will benefit from. Uniquely showcase your work and services so those browsing your web will be hurrying contacting you.

While these templates work with CMS’s, make sure you do not miss out the collection of the best construction company WordPress themes, too.


porto HTML construction company template

Porto is an HTML template which is ready to use for a number of designs. While it is very customizable with a well organized code, it also comes with many predefined front page layouts for you to choose. With new template updates, you can expect new design drops. Be fresh constantly and never lack modernistic looks. Speaking of layouts, there are more than 15 available at the time of writing this. Create your construction business website without putting too much effort into it. But when it comes to headers, you can mix things up your way and ensure yourself unlimited options. Change colors (Style Switcher), rearrange elements, upload logo and more.

For an amazing user experience, Porto HTML construction company template is 100% responsive. Your website will work on any device, from mobile phones and tablets, to large desktops. The template adapts instantly and performs equally no matter the gadget. You can also choose between boxed and full-width layouts as well as dark and light styles. Whatever you fancy more, quick change in HTML can make it happen for you. In case all this feels a little too much, you can always go through the comprehensive documentation or contact Porto’s support team.

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arco HTML construction company template

Arco is an abbreviation for architecture and construction, Ar/Co. Meaning, this cool one page HTML template has all the needed features a company website in the industry needs. Based on the leading Bootstrap Framework, Arco template is a flexible product to help you score a ton of new lucrative businesses. Let them examine your work in great detail by simply looking at your business site. They will have a better understanding, plus, it will be easier for them to decide if you are the right one for the big project.

A one-page parallax HTML construction company template includes many animated and static components. Different sections of your site will appear beautifully while scrolling. You can see both versions in the live preview. Choose the desired layout by clicking on the gear wheel on the right, as well as one from the 5 pre-made color skins. But the biggest attention grabber will most definitely be the full-wide slideshow. Navigation can quickly take the visitor to the desired segment of your page but the animations will make them enjoy the scrolling. The simplicity, yet high functionality, of the one-page template can be the perfect way to represent your company and services on the web.

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betheme HTML construction company template

The time has come to go above and beyond with BeTheme multi-purpose HTML template. You will be impressed when you see the amount of different styles available. Constantly growing with new layout versions, there are currently more than 260 available, ranging between bloggers and huge corporations. Needless to say, there is something for every taste.

Even when it comes to the architects and builders, there are several designs available to choose from. Every item from the list is modern and stylish. You can easily create this outstanding website for your business. Showcase your work so the guests will be astonished right after the site loads. But this is only the beginning of what is possible with BeTheme HTML construction company template. Your website will look absolutely phenomenal after putting to use the extensive list of features.

From multiple layout grids and 20 modifiable headers to cutting edge portfolios and many different blog variations. A built in Mega Menu provides surpassing navigation and custom Google Maps uniqueness. Moreover, retina icons, responsive design, smooth scroll and a working contact form are a few more goodies to wow you. When you need a template which covers almost every industry, BeTheme is the item that will never let you down.

Have you seen our amazing collection of websites using BeTheme (the WordPress theme version).

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canvas HTML construction company template

Pick Canvas HTML5 template and you can achieve extraordinary things. You are looking at a raw multi-functional one- and multi-page template which you can use to construct sites of all types. Once you read the following numbers, you will likely to stop searching for the perfect tool to build your construction business website. With more than 100 demos and over 850 included files, Canvas HTML construction company template is one massive product. By the way, all this sample data embraces more than 20 niches.

Although there is already so much available, its flexibility ensures extensibility. In other words, create your very own versions and entirely customize the pre-made material. No need to limit yourself rather start experimenting and bring something special to the construction and building industry.

Since it would take a very long time to cover it all, instead of wasting your time, here are just a few key features of Canvas template. Revolution Slider, supports RTL languages, free updates (forever) and multiple mobile navigations. Furthermore, a respective amount of headers and footers along with widgetized Mega Menu will do for the best page navigation. It goes on and on but to really feel the power, experience Canvas template yourself.

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polo HTML construction company template

Sometimes, a small investment is needed to attain great successes with your business. Speaking of which, powerful and flexible Polo template is this special page building device for realizing big things. For everyone in the construction niche, Polo helps you build a perfect website to showcase your services online. Grab everyone’s attention with a stunning design and awesome features. Get a great starting point by choosing one from the available 200 demo layouts and bring website structuring to an entirely different level. It will not be hard, that is for sure.

Some of the fundamental features of the Polo HTML construction company template are responsiveness, retina readiness, many page layouts and over 40 shortcodes. The latter allows you to craft custom pages effortlessly. Your website, built with Polo template, will load at the speed of lightning what is of particular importance for all the mobile users. Speed and SEO optimization along with cross browser compatibility are also crucial for the organic traffic.

You truly get unlimited options with the mind-blowing Polo template. Nothing should be stopping you from launching the dream web page for your construction, building or architecture services. Do take things into your hands and have it all in total control.

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archi HTML construction company template

To go more specific with your site and for all the firms within the niche, Archi template was specifically developed for the interior design services. With this template, you will create a true experience. Not just because it is so appealing to the eye but also due to its functionality. Every guest that comes to your website will enjoy your professional work and gain a better understanding what you and your firm are all about.

Archi HTML interior design website template comes with more than 50 front page styles to meet everyone’s needs. Building a modern and stylish page will be a breeze. All thanks goes to the ready-to-use demo content that comes packed in a zip file. From then on, designing and putting your creativity to use will not be a problem anymore. Pick the preferred color scheme, incorporate the desired background style and choose between dark and light versions.

In total, there are 115 HTML files, 33 index pages and 12 project styles. Along with that. Archi template also sports 7 menu styles and a solid or a transparent header. The final result of your website building journey will be an online presence which will help you grow your business. Act fast and witness the incredible outcome.

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SR Construction

sr construction HTML construction company template

There are many options with SR Construction HTML5 building business template. To first point out different niches, the tool is great for plumbing, heating, carpentry, building and last but not least, construction companies. All can benefit from a number of different cool features which bring your biz to the internet in a modernistic, almost trendy way. Your web design will surely be appealing to the eye and an instant attention grabber. Fully responsive and pixel perfect layout will cover even the pickiest ones’ needs. The template is also simple to customize so you will confidently meet and business’ requirements with it. Individualize it and make some special out of it.

No need for me to stress it too much, but SR Construction template gives you the opportunity to create a stunning and professional look with your web page. Incorporate different features like accordions page, count down timer, pricing table and project gallery to name a few in a one-of-a-kind way. No need to follow the demo style. Create your own and easily stand out from the crowd. All the files that come with SR Construction template are well documented. Have fun with the process of structuring the online platform for your business. Undoubtedly, you will be amazed and excited to bring that distinctive site to the market.

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Blue Collar

blue collar HTML construction company template

Do you offer a variety of services or are you a one-man-army? Either way, a good online presence is a must in this modern age. It will show your work, help others get in touch with you and potentially grow your business. To put together a site for your project, Blue Collar HTML handyman website template is the way to go. Straightforward template with all the goodies to meet your needs. Above the fold, you can hit guests with your services and give them a chance to go straight to the request a quote section. With the integrated Google Maps, they will find you quickly for any required in-house meetings.

No matter the type of business you run, you should not forget about your online appearance. Companies which cannot be found on the web probably aren’t the most successful ones. Do not be one of those. Since putting an expert-looking website is fast and easy in this day and age, invest a little of your time into making it happen. With help from templates like Blue Collar is, you have the major part already finished. It is only missing your company information, images, logo and content and you are ready to unleash it into the online space.

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responsive HTML construction company template

Clean, minimal and responsive HTML construction company template which simply goes by the name, Construction. This industrial HTML template is built with Bootstrap 3 for complete adaptability and adjustability purposes. Your business website will not be lacking great user experience. Let them surf from smartphones, tablets or laptops, Construction template readjust instantly and displays the content beautifully. The code is optimized and the documentation thorough. That said, be it novice or advanced web designer, you can both achieve the same results with a solid template.

For pure attraction intentions, CSS3 effects and animations are ready to take care of the visitors. The slideshow is one of the features that will make your page stand out and so is the mouse hover. To some extent it makes it fun, almost playful, still, you keep the professionalism intact.

Construction HTML template is compatible with the modern browsers for everyone to experience your page at the same level of quality. No unnecessary distractions, no nothing. Save yourself some time and have your fruitful project up and running in no time. Attain your goals fast and spread your word out there with a sophisticated site. There are countless opportunities on the web which you still need to discover.

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renovation HTML construction company template

Are you renovating and remodeling houses, kitchens, roofs, etc.? Do you need extra publicity for your business to drive in more biz deals? If that is the case for you, you are in for a great treat which will have things rocking for you. Renovation is an HTML construction company template easy to work with and extremely customizable. Modify it so it will perfectly fit your company and branding and help you grab more clients’ attention. There is no project too big for you.

Renovation works fluently on all mobile devices, even those with the highest resolution retina displays. It comes with Google Maps integration and unlimited color options. For those who need it, available is video documentation with a detailed help file. If you might not be very skillful with assembling different elements which together form a compelling website, you will find the help material very useful.

Built with HTML5 Boilerplate front-end template, Renovation is robust and adaptable for functional website creation. No matter what path the future of web design takes, your construction page will always follow all the trends and styles. Managing your offline and online business, promoting it and sealing new deals with be easy with Renovation.

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reneva HTML construction company template

Reneva is this brilliant HTML construction company template which is a perfect fit for small businesses. Ideal for carpentry, painting, tiling, plumbing and other niche businesses. However, you can do adjustments and make it fit other industries, too. For the best responsive design, Reneva template is built using Bootstrap Framework. With this in mind, the product was developed with mobile use in mind. Browsing from smartphones and tablets will always be enjoyable. For the best user experience, mobile friendly web design is a must. Not only is it beneficial for the end user but search engines, too. Avoid getting penalized having an old and outdated page.

With Reneva, you get 50 custom icons which were specifically designed for the construction industry. Use these as a cool addition to your website or your client’s website. The icons will bring your site’s detail level very high and make it look even more professional. Most definitely take them to your advantage and incorporate them into your page. Overall, there are 600 available icons, unlimited menu levels and a contact form. Reneva also treats you with Revolution Slider and responsive pricing tables. It will be a great delight putting your first or 17th website together with the small business template, Reneva.

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bauhaus HTML construction company template

More portfolio focused, yet you can still use it for a diversity of online projects, Bauhaus is a minimal template with a focus on your work. Perfect choice for architecture and interior, as well as construction companies. Indeed, it also fits for personal use and makes you look a true expert. And that is exactly who you want to be in all sectors of your business. Let it be your work, imagery or online design aka your website, make it all look like you are the true master of it.

Three index pages are already made, classic, dark and full page. Pick the one you fancy most and include the 16 available other internal layouts. Of course you do not have to use all of them, instead, only those that matter to you the most. Blog/news section also comes in a few different classes for you to start putting out persuasive content.

Additionally, you can use home pages and other HTML pages as they are or improve on them and make them unique. Just by moving around the 30 different elements, you can create a whole new style. Play around with them and realize a supreme business website. That same one you always wanted to build.

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arkitekt HTML construction company template

The name speaks for itself, Arkitekt is a premium architecture HTML template for your creative studios. There is no better way to displaying your fabulous work other than through a stunning website. If it happens that you are not on the internet yet or your page is kinda old, waste no time and begin constructing the wondrous online presentation. By uploading high-resolution pictures, you will give others a better idea what you are all about.

Start dominating the industry and take the exact opposite path that the majority is taking. Going the other way might not feel right but eventually, you might nail it, and your business will go through the roof. Meaning, customize Arkitekt template and use it only as a starting point. Depending on the level of HTML skills you have, you can truly go against the grain and amaze each and every guest with something out of the ordinary. But you can also rely on the superb template support.

Arkitekt is very fresh in the design with just the right amount of features. Full-width slider supports YouTube and Vimeo players and a whole bunch of awesome animations. Along with the main slideshow, you also get another one for testimonials. Let the world know what others are saying about you and share their experience with your studio on your page.

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HTML construction and architect company template

Two smooth home pages and a responsive and pixel perfect layout is what you are treated with with Construction template. Once purchasing the tool, you are not far from launching the website for your business. Let it be construction, hence the name, or something related to architecture, all sorts of companies can take the template to their advantage. Use your imagination, go through the documentation and sooner rather than later a wonderful piece of web art will hit the internet. Those in need of your services will be impressed by your work and how you present yourself online.

Horizontal or vertical slideshows are awesome attention grabbers. These may be the mandatory part of the fact whether or not the guests will stay or leave. Make sure you take a strategic approach to it and hook them as soon as they land on your page. Don’t waste their time and go straight to the point. Moreover, the filterable portfolio will do its job convincing them and the testimonials slider the urge to contact you immediately. Although you might think it is not necessary, starting a blog can have a great impact on how your business operates. Share tips and tricks, how-to’s, interact with readers and make your site even more search engine friendly.

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lovely HTML construction company template

Lovely is almost too sweet of a name but when its functionality strikes, it becomes a real template behemoth. Instead of waiting and postponing it, make your site today. Tomorrow, you have other work to do and start growing your online project. Creative multi-purpose HTML template comes with an ever expanding list of home page layouts. With new updates, new styles are released for you to enjoy. Bear in mind, there are already more than 32 available demos but that is still just the beginning. Select the one related to your project and let the game begin. Each Lovely template pre-made design is customizable, and you can also add different animations and effect in case the one you chose does not feature any.

Some of the key features Lovely sports are Mega Menu, search engine optimization, 80+ built-in HTML pages and more. It is also compatible with online shop creation in case you would like to expand your website and start selling all kinds of goodies. Give yourself a chance and who knows where it might take you to. Always be open for opportunities.

Brainstorm the possibilities and go full-tilt with your web designing abilities. Show the vast array of features your site is stacked with for an awesome browsing adventure.

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vixa HTML construction company template

There is nearly no business that could not create a page with Vixa, including construction companies. You are treated with a multi-functional HTML template with way over the required amount of features. At any time you would like to add and expand your site, you can, by all means, do it comfortably with Vixa. Isn’t this the kind of a template you would want your website to run on. Interior designers, home maintenance, contractors, architects, plumbers, you name it, everyone is able to craft a page with a template that comes with more than 70 concepts.

As far as customization goes, Vixa multi-purpose HTML5 template allows you to create all kinds of header, footer and menu styles. It is only your imagination which might be stopping you from creating something extraordinary. Think beyond the mundane.

Aside from numerous front page designs, some of Vixa template’s core features are 200+ HTML pages, unlimited layouts creation, parallax effects and over 100 shortcodes. Aside from all the mentioned, it is also ready for RTL languages, retina screens and search engines. Make yourself and your construction company visible all over the web. Grow traffic and start seeing gain in the lead generation. To top it off, the friendly support is always ready to guide you and assist you with reaching the desired web page goals.

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