۱۵ Best Responsive HTML5/CSS3 Blog Templates For Awesome Blogging Experience 2017


This age is an age of knowledge, the sages of the times have told us. Increasingly, the world’s economy twists and turns on an axis of knowledge, skills and talents, where people, places and things live and die by the measure of their capacities. In such a new world, a whole slew of concepts are birthed to assist in the process of understanding and handling such new conceptual schemas. Personal branding has become the crucial professional lifeblood of careers, industries and fields old and brand new alike, and the world constantly reinvents itself in new and better iterations that are evermore legible, accessible, readable and intuitive, capturing new business from a widening radius of global areas where distances are becoming less and less relevant, and geography more incidental than game defining.  In this new landscape of online businesses, agencies, stores and service providers of all nature, regardless of what you devote yourself to, simply doing what you do online won’t cut it anymore. You need to express your unique voice, for people of similar interests to gather under your flag. You need to blog, and to blog in style. The following collection of website templates has been created with a selection of the most flexible and powerful HTML5/CSS3 blog website templates available. Only the best of the best. Enjoy.



H-Code is a wonderfully vast, incredibly expansive, technologically accomplished, visually sophisticated and elegant, graphically stunning and smoothly animated, incredibly versatile and pliable, feature-rich and option-dense responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose one page and multipage website template, an all-around solid, reliable and thorough toolkit for building the widest range of websites imaginable. With over 190 fully preconfigured, professionally designed template pages included, over 57 fully fleshed out demo websites and 5 different header styles out of the box, there is hardly anything H-Code can’t muscle with ease and speed, making it a superbly powerful candidate for any kind of blogging or blog related website needs, from corporate or business blogs to personal, freelance or professional bloggers.

H-Code’s enormous variety of template pages is bound to have you covered. 15 entirely different blog pages are available upon installation, each of which can be endlessly customized to your heart’s desire with relative simplicity thanks to H-Code’s developer-friendly Bootstrap modular coding, which is highly legible and easy to customize. H-Code expands the functionality of every page with hundreds of custom built shortcodes, sophisticated custom layouts and an inherently search engine optimized and speed optimized code that makes H-Code blogs high on the ranks and easy on the servers; the webmaster’s dream.

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The Success


The Success is an incredibly visually attractive, graphically well designed and thoroughly cohesive, wonderfully functional and technologically polished, very simple and easy to use, clean and fresh faced responsive HTML5/CSS3 blog website blog, an incredibly powerful website template that has been carefully put together with the deliberate intent of providing a capable toolkit that enables webmasters to easily and effortlessly churn out the most attractive lifestyle blog websites imaginable, of any nature or type whatsoever.

The Success is flexible enough to easily meet the demand of any blog website in general, but lifestyle websites will find The Success’ vastly visual, warm and inviting layouts and template pages to be incredibly useful and modern presentations for their content. The Success has been built with a strong foundation based on HTML5 and Bootstrap coding, with seamlessly animated CSS3 transitions and an aesthetically minimalist and graphically centered style permeating every iteration of The Success. The Success is also incredibly easy to use, with tons of preconfigured tools, pages and layouts that will have you setting up shop within minutes and blogging away the day you buy The Success. Go deep and get real with your lifestyle blog and make it big, with The Success!

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Massive is an aptly named, truly enormous, functionally vast and visually expansive, incredibly thorough, modern and technologically sophisticated, extremely well developed and wholly thought out responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose single page and multipage blog template, a very ambitious and highly polished website template that packs a whopping 260 individual template pages, featuring over 50 individual demo websites, 20 menu styles and hundreds of convenient, customized shortcodes capable of providing all manners of incredible functionality to any website across an ample range of fields.

Variety is the name of the game with Massive, and with every single element, you have an unimaginable range of options for customization. That makes Massive an amazing website template for blog websites of all sorts, as it is vastly powerful enough to provide the required pages and features of a blog while incorporating 6 different footer options, over 15 preconfigured, custom made sliders, 10 different Page Title styles and over 900 Retina ready, customized line icons. Massive also includes Mixed Masonry layouts and unlimited theme colors, as well as the Menuzord and Revolution Slider plugins, for a really finished, professional website interface. Massive is a surefire way to speed up your workflow and set up your blog website in a matter of minutes. Get off on the right foot, with Massive!

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Do is a visually clean and fresh faced, visually engaging and attractive, colorful and thoughtfully designed, professional and businesslike, serious yet inviting, modern and sophisticated, developer friendly and highly responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose business and corporate website template, a flexible and malleable website template built to easily meet the strict demands of quality, reliability, functionality and aesthetics of professional, business and corporate websites, while retaining a light and accessible quality to its overall visual identity, and an intuitive and pliable customization capability, all of which renders Do a perfect match for a corporate or business blogging website.

Whether you are a professional firm blogging your press releases and general product information, a corporation blogging your social responsibility campaigns or environmental efforts, or any sort of professional, serious project that needs to quickly and efficiently keep the world updated on the progress of your ventures, Do is just the theme to do it with. Built on a solid HTML5 framework and incorporating rich CSS3 styled transitions and powerful, modular Bootstrap coding for utmost ease of development and utter responsiveness, Do is technologically advanced to no end and made to appeal to a wide, diverse audience. Upgrade your public relations with Do today!

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Enigma is a visually flawless, aesthetically minimalist and highly polished, technologically sophisticated and extremely clean and simplistic, subtle and understated, profoundly functional and easily customizable responsive HTML5/CSS3 creative multipurpose website template. It is a vastly powerful website template that is equipped with the raw strength and utter pliability to effortlessly lend itself to a whole slew of diverse applications, owing to its developer friendly and highly advanced HTML5 framework powered with sophisticated CSS3 and Parallax visual elements on top of a solid and reliable Bootstrap coding that is natively responsive and very intuitive to modify, so Enigma can be easily adapted to your every need. That makes Enigma a fantastic fit for fashionable and stylish blogging websites of all sorts.

With a powerful set of tools and features and a host of potent preconfigured pages as well as ten different Homepage demos to match just about any blog style you desire, Enigma is a natural at blogging, as it excels at keeping users focused on content and undistracted by its unfettered, uncluttered, clean and luminous design. Enigma is capable of handling both single page and multipage websites, making elegant use of gorgeous Parallax technology to produce beautiful and functional one page blogs with the click of a button. Intrigued yet?

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Material News


Material News is a wonderfully clean and fresh-faced, aesthetically minimalist and visually uncluttered, beautifully luminous and highly modern, professionally graphically designed and thoroughly thought out, simplistic and accessible responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose website template, a powerfully flexible website template with an elegant design and an incredibly intuitive nature, with a fresh faced look that focuses audiences on content without distractions, making Material News a fantastic fit for a blogging website. Material News is a website template that has been designed with Google’s Material Design philosophy integrated into its core, with visually intuitive Material Design and Font Awesome icons and a minimalistic, flat design that runs through each of Material News’ multiple, convenient preconfigured template pages.

Material News is perfect for journalist blogs, as it includes a convenient set of pages for news related content, as well as three different Homepage versions, two different Contact Page styles and a gorgeous Side Menu, all of which are fully customizable to suit your desired look and feel. Material News is powered by the latest Bootstrap standard on top of a powerful HTML5 framework, and styled through dynamic and pliable CSS3 technologies. Start informing the the world today, with Material News, and make your mark!

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Hash is an amazingly modern, endlessly pliable and shapeshifting, cleverly and thoughtfully designed, graphically cohesive and visually stunning, technologically sophisticated yet completely easy to use and very user intuitive responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose website template, an incredibly powerful website template that has been built with the sheer strength and outrageous versatility to seamlessly adapt itself to a whole host of diverse website applications. Hash is capable of doing so thanks to its deeply flexible and profoundly functional HTML5 foundation, which, combined with an easily customizable Bootstrap modular codebase, makes Hash extra easy to bend to your whims, while aesthetically pleasant CSS3-powered visual elements present your content in delightful style to your audience.

That is what makes Hash a perfect fit for a blogging website—bloggers of absolutely any field of interest will find in Hash a marvelously time-saving tool filled with neat, convenient widgets and features, as well as cleanly designed layouts and template pages preconfigured with pertinent, responsive and well designed visual elements that make the process of building your own polished, customized blog a simple and breezy task that requires no particular coding skills and yields professional looking, functional results. Hash is the language of the future. Do you speak it?

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Exa is an efficiently coded, impressively fast loading, solid and reliable, highly creative and easily customizable, deeply functional and graphically intuitive, clean, modern and accessible responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose website template, a flexible and powerful website template that has been carefully crafted with a special attention to detail and a focus on simplified customization. Exa has been built with a strong focus on creative capabilities, making it an ideal candidate for developing and maintaining all sorts of websites dabbling in the creative fields, from digital and marketing design agencies to freelancers and startups, but that is especially powerful as a theme for creatively inclined blog websites.

Exa has been constructed around the concept of easing connection with massive audiences, which makes it truly excel at presenting content in a gorgeous and attractive fashion, delivered through flawless and code-light CSS3 styling technologies developed on top of a solid and powerful HTML5 framework that incorporates a responsive Bootstrap modular coding, making Exa template pages very customizable and Exa elements incredibly easy to deploy. Not to mention Exa’s thoroughly responsive nature, built to natively adapt itself to every manner of device, screen size or platform while still rendering your blog in a visually spotless fashion. What else can you ask for?

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Definity is an incredibly modern and interactive, completely visually cohesive and professionally designed, developer friendly and functionally expansive, intuitive and easy to use, highly customizable and responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose single page and multipage blog template, a sophisticated and thorough website template that has been carefully developed with the deliberate intent of putting together a powerful template that can easily muscle the demands of just about any website archetype out there.

Definity owes this pliability to a technologically polished HTML5 framework that incorporates the latest Bootstrap design and advanced SASS CSS3 styling web technologies capable of effortlessly creating amazing, attractive and engaging template pages with minimal time and effort, making Definity a potent and convenient website template for all manners of blog websites. Whether you are a photojournalist or a movie critic, a casual blogger or a devoted connoisseur, Definity has the tools and features necessary to quickly and painlessly set up incredibly professional looking, modern blogs with gorgeous features such as the KenBurns Slider, HTML5 Video Background features, light and dark menu variants and tons of other elements that will make your blog stand out from the pack. Make the blog of your dreams a reality today, with Definity!

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Laread is a completely gorgeous, technologically sophisticated, visually enveloping and extremely attractive, endlessly customizable and very intuitive and easy to use, graphically well structured and ultra responsive blog blog template, a wonderfully constructed and thoroughly thought out website template that has been designed as a highly specialized template for the development and maintenance of a wide range of amazing and appealing blogs. Laread incorporates five completely different blogging website styles to suit just about any blogging website layout needs you may have, and its HTML5 framework powered with Bootstrap modular coding is very easy to customize and adapt to your every whim.

Laread also includes a series of useful and engaging features that draw users into your content and make it easier to read and parse through, such as the Banner Mode, the Quick Read feature and the Push Bar for added accessibility. Laread also includes over 17 different post formats, including Standard, Image, Gallery, Quote, Video, Audio, Status, Aside, Event/Activity, Changelog and many more post types, easing your workflow so you can simply focus on your content. Laread’s many widgets are all exclusively selected and customized for their convenience on your blogging website. Get Laread today, and start typing away!

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Kepler is a highly modern, very interactive, visually engaging and appealing, graphically vibrant and colorful, very easy to use and extremely customizable, intuitive and user friendly, flat and cleanly designed responsive HTML5/CSS3 magazine and personal blogging website template, a sophisticated and polished website template that has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of news and magazine as well as personal blogging websites of all sorts of thematic content. Kepler is a visionary website template, a full solution for developing and maintaining fully fleshed out blog websites that includes 10 different homepage styles, three different post styles, a shopping page cart for eCommerce functionality, a modern, flat and intuitive user interface that is powered by the latest Bootstrap technologies running on top of a reliable HTML5 framework and gorgeous CSS3 stylesheets.

Kepler includes over 19 individual HTML5 template pages, so that pretty much any possible page a blog could require you can find preconfigured for your convenience. Should the need arise, Kepler’s Bootstrap coding renders it modular and extremely easy to modify and develop upon, as well as utterly cross compatible across a wide range of devices, screen sizes and platforms. Kepler is a template for bloggers that can see farther ahead than the rest. Are you one of them?

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Engage is a fabulously creative, visually impressive, brilliantly colorful and smartly designed, flexible and pliable, functional and feature-rich, technologically advanced and thoroughly thought out, responsive and engaging HTML5/CSS3 creative multipurpose one page Parallax template, a modern, cutting edge website template designed to make full and elegant use of the latest and greatest web development technologies to empower webmasters to produce incredibly professional looking, smooth and gorgeous one page websites of all kinds, powered with impressive and inviting Parallax visual effects and elements that keep users interested and focused on your content. That is why Engage is a perfect website template for all sorts of blogging and blog related websites.

Regardless of what you are blogging about, Engage is the template that guarantees your readers will see your posts through and through, thanks to its interactive and dynamic Parallax powered user interface, smooth scrolling and static page effects, among other features, providing for visually stunning, memorable and powerful blogs that are easy to build, easy to develop, entirely responsive out of the box and highly customizable to suit your need and taste. Engage includes a series of demos and convenient pages that will speed the process of building and maintaining your blog like you never imagined possible. Try Engage today!

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Haswell is a visually sophisticated and fashion conscious, deeply stylish and highly memorable, aesthetically minimalist and cleanly designed, luminous and accessible, legible and engaging, dynamic and interactive responsive HTML5/CSS3 one page and multipage multipurpose website template, a pliable and flexible website template that has been packed with the powerful widgets, template pages, layouts and features required to meet and exceed the expectations of an ample variety of website archetypes, while retaining a smooth, debonair presentation that permeates every Haswell website and page.

That is why Haswell is an excellent choice for developing and maintaining fashion and style related blogging websites. If you need to deliver fashion or style related content to a massive, internet based audience and need to do so with a thoughtful, carefully designed presentation that will impress and attract a selective and discerning crowd, Haswell is the template you have been looking for. With over 118 different, individual page templates, hundreds of custom made shortcodes optimized for style and functionality, working AJAX Masonry blog layouts, beautiful Parallax infinite scrolling features and more, Haswell is a true technological marvel, constructed with the utmost attention to detail and focus on reliability and security, making it the ultimate high performance fashion or style blogging website template out there.

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Berg is a powerful and flexible, deeply modern and technologically cutting edge, vibrant and colorfully designed, polished and sophisticated, elegant and well structured, highly customizable and very intuitive responsive HTML5/CSS3 one page and multipage multipurpose blog template, an impressive and uniquely potent website template that incorporates over 45 different and completely unique demo websites covering just about any website application you can come up with, as well as an excess of 110 HTML files with fully fleshed out complex sections and features ready to incorporate into any of Berg’s many preconfigured template pages, numbering at over 30.

This makes Berg a great website template choice for all manners of blogging and blog related websites, as Berg’s attractive and professional looking block animations, advanced working AJAX-based Contact Forms and multiple, customizable features and elements can effortlessly satisfy all the requirements of a blogging website, letting you easily and quickly hit the ground running with your blog website so you can relax in terms of website construction, leave everything to Berg, and focus only on typing up the content Berg will help you show off to the world! Tons of different headers, footers and menu options as well as color scheme customization options will set your website apart from the rest in no time. Try Berg today, and you’ll never look back!

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JANGO is a completely unique, deeply resourceful, extremely powerful, technologically sophisticated, thoroughly reliable and solidly constructed, developer friendly and highly customizable, user friendly and intuitive, adaptive and flexible responsive HTML5/CSS3 multipurpose blog template, a magnificently built template that has been packed to the brim with a slew of widgets, features and functions that empower webmasters to create the most amazing, rich and modern websites in a matter of minutes with utter ease and incredible speed.

To achieve this, JANGO incorporates a convenient and handy block based page construction framework, wherein you can easily combine over 300 custom built components that can be combined in an endless number of ways under any header style you wish in order to instantly generate your desired, ideal HTML5 pages. This makes JANGO a perfect, convenient and time-saving blogging website solution toolkit, a complete set of all the required pages, elements and features you’ll ever need to design and develop your dream blog. JANGO has been coded by developers, for developers, and its Bootstrap based modular coding is perfect for customizing and developing upon, while its sophisticated SASS CSS3 styling makes for dynamic, reactive and visually impressive websites, every single time. Blog in style with JANGO!

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STORM is a technologically cutting edge, stylistically well designed, colorful and vibrant, clean and modern, flexible and intuitively customizable, creative and powerful, professional and polished responsive HTML5/CSS3 creative and business multipurpose one page website template. STORM has been constructed with the raw potency and sheer pliability to seamlessly adapt itself to a diverse set of website purposes and design philosophies, always powered with an attractive, eye-catching and engaging one page website design that makes STORM an ideal match for all sorts of blogging and blog related websites, particularly for bloggers dabbling the creative fields. If you need a place to loudly and clearly express your voice to the online world at large, STORM is the template that can help you build this place and make it your own in a matter of minutes.

STORM’s stunning layout designs and carefully preconfigured page templates will make short work of setting up your website; while a clean, easily customizable Bootstrap modular code lets you fine-tune your blog endlessly with considerable developer friendliness. STORM’s native total responsiveness means your blogging website will look just as beautiful as you designed it, with every page rendered perfectly, across all devices, screen sizes and platforms capable of accessing the internet. It does not get any better than that.

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