۱۴ Breathtaking Responsive Magento Fashion Themes 2017


Everyone who would like to turn his passion into a new success story, help yourself with the best collection of Magento fashion themes. With these modern themes and the powerful eCommerce platform, you can quickly and effectively launch professional looking online shops. The most exciting part is that everyone can do it. No need to be an expert in any field, almost all the technical part has been done and sorted out by theme developers. You only need to organize things into your preferred order, add your personal touch to it, products, store information and you are ready for the big launch.

All the listed Magento fashion themes below have a clean and eye-catching design. Moreover, they are fully responsive, retina ready and search engine optimized. Get that keyword targeted shoppers and scale up your business with organic traffic.

Each theme comes with plenty practical features and useful extensions which you can benefit from when putting together an outstanding online store. Everything feels almost too easy to be true with such powerful CMS system like Magento is. With just a little effort from your end, you will create a complete shopping solution for the best and unforgettable experience.

Follow the fashion trends or create something fresh and unique but most importantly grab viewers attention and turn them into loyal customers. It is all possible with these mobile friendly Magento fashion themes.


sahara magento fashion theme

A stunning and modern Magento theme with every single detail and complete customization for creating eCommerce websites. If your first impression when you read name SAHARA is hot, you hit quite close. Indeed, SAHARA is a very hot theme with all bunch of interesting stuff going on at all times. It includes all the powerful features a shop owner needs to build something to grab every visitor’s attention. It is easy and it is simple to do just that.

With a ton of pre-built layouts, you can speed up the building process and have the final product ready exceptionally fast. Showcase your amazing products with the preferred layout and give your overall store design a distinct look. Further modify every section of the template and add your creative touch to it. It is all in the details.

Moreover, introduce an insightful blog to your shop and share updates, new collection drops and other interesting stuff. With a blog and your high quality products, you can inspire your audience and even start a new trend. You have it all under control with incredible and powerful Magento fashion theme, SAHARA. The competition will envy your professionalism even if you have little or nothing website building skills.

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Ves Fashion

ves fashion magento fashion theme

Built and designed specifically for the fashion industry, Ves Fashion might just be the one and only solution for your webstore. Right off the bat, you get a white and black version which you can improve on and create this one-of-a-kind store which will help you create a snowballing effect. The combination of colors and strategical arrangements will create a beautiful end product. An internet store which will bring great shopping experience to every visitor.

The theme beautifully displays the products you intend to sell, so the shoppers will easily decide what to purchase. Either from a laptop or from a mobile phone, the UX will always be phenomenal no matter the screen size. Ves Fashion comes with 4 front pages, unlimited header variations and different footers. Quickly edit the layout with functional admin panel offering you the popular drag and drop builder. You even don’t need to bother with a preview. What you see on the back end is what will be seen on the front end. Very effective and very intelligent setup.

As for the products, let buyers benefit from the quick view. This lets them check the product information without leaving the page in a clean popup. Once you go Ves Fashion, you never go back.

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milano magento fashion theme

Nope, this theme has nothing to do with the Milano Fashion Week. Or we could at least say that the fashion part is the only similatiry they have.
Anyway, Milano Magento fashion theme is stacked with goodies for building and designing a fabulous shop. It is all in the ultimate customization options of the admin. This is the place which will turn you into a real webstore building professional (even if you are not). Discover your secret talent and start hammering out professional eCommerce websites.

Milano includes 10 home page demos which all perfectly adjust to any screen size. The responsive design helps your web store to be accessible from any device and allows users to shop while on the bus or relaxing in a park.

Whether it is a men only, a women only, a mix or something luxurious, Milano theme is perfect for all types of stores. Do use all its features and extensions and benefit from the power of different combinations. The options are almost limitless so go ahead and be as experimental as you like. No need to set yourself any boundaries, Milano’s possibilities go beyond expectations.

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Love Fashion

love fashion magento fashion theme

You gotta love fashion if you would like to turn it into a lucrative business. Sure, there are exceptions but it is way too hard compared to one who is passionate about it.
To create an incredible online eCommerce platform, Love Fashion Magento theme is the tool you need. This simple to use theme helps create all sorts of shops in the fashion industry. With all the functions and demo content, you can bring things into being at a fast pace. To be frank, you can do it all without much customization. Pick the home page design, the preset color scheme, header, desired product profile and decide whether to go with a boxed or full-width layout. It is easy and highly effective.

On the other hand, use your creative mind to its fullest and start modifying Love Fashion theme how you like it. No need to go the traditional way. Turn your website into something special, something that will amaze your visitors and will stand out from the crowd.

You are also treated with many included extensions, like SM Quickview, SM Slider, SM Mega Menu and more. You can start doing your thing and benefiting from all the features right after you install this Magento fashion theme.

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novetty magento fashion theme

Novetty is a theme with as many functions as one needs to start selling online. Theme’s full customization options and endless possibilities give you everything for creating an out of this world online shop. It is also responsive and retina ready, meaning, it will work beautifully on any device your visitors use for shopping.

What is especially worth mentioning is a number of original designs Novetty comes with. Plus, new ones will be added with new free updates. Stay fresh and ahead of the competition at all times.

Overall unlimited layout options (footer and header, too) assure you to add uniqueness to your eCommerce site. No need to have the store look like the majority out there. Add a special character to it and viewers will remember it forever.

As for the shopping itself, Novetty has implemented Ajax technology, sticky add to cart and labels for “new” and “sale” items. Navigation between products is possible with quick previous and next function. This way, shopper does not need to go back to the listing page. Also, Novetty comes with three different paginations; infinite scroll, load more button and standard pagination.

To market your products to the right people, integrated newsletter popup will do the trick.

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The Look

the look magento fashion theme

For online fashion stores, The Look theme makes constructing one fun and easy. Flexibility, modern design and cleanliness create a professional web store where you can start selling all kinds of fashion products. To offer even more and show the looks, the theme also comes with the LookBook plugin. Showcase your collection on models and expand visitors’ imagination with different styles and outfits. Show what is hot for the season or start a new fashion movement.

With the product-focused layout, The Look will help you touch your shoppers’ hearts. They will be impressed with the beautiful photos which will convince them into purchasing the items. And the whole ordering process will be super easy thank to the Ajax cart extension. Moreover, they can also add products to wishlist and compare different items against each other.

Stunning Magento fashion theme, The Look, is cross-browser compatible, search engine friendly and has an optimized and well-structured code. Speaking of code, you will not have to change a single line to customize the theme to your likings. The functional admin panel is uncomplicated and friendly to those who are a total novice when it comes to online store building.

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ethan magento fashion theme

Planning to launch an online store and sell clothing but you do not know where to start? Like any from this top Magento fashion themes list, ETHAN is another theme which you should take into consideration. It follows all the modern web standards and features a clean and contemporary design. With just one theme, you get all and everything you need to polish a fantastic e-shop for your fashion business.

Not only does ETHAN come with 14 home page variations, but it also includes custom page layouts for the category, blog, portfolio and different options for the product page. Add custom fonts, pick the colors and include social shares to allow people to share your site and products on their social platforms. Hint: this calls for free and highly effective promotion. Speaking of promotion, Google rich snippet helps increase click through rate and gain organic traffic.

To top it all up with extra goodies, you get $354 worth of extensions at no additional cost. You get Mega Menu, Product Tabs, Store Locator and Magento Banners to name a few. With all this said, you can do nearly as much as you would like with the ETHAN Magento theme and stun visitors with mind blowing design and UX.

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zorka magento fashion theme

Create a trendy eCommerce page with premium Magento theme, ZORKA. There are no limits and no boundaries with the theme. While fashion is its main focus, you can use ZORKA for creating just about any store you would like. If you like the clean and elegant layout, this is the perfect theme for you. With all the extras, it will feed the needs of everyone, even the pickiest ones.

Some of the key features are Revolution Slider, Ajax price slider, quick demo install package and Mega Menu. There are also 6 front page layouts and 10 headers that ZORKA treats you with. But nothing would be possible without the powerful admin section. It allows you to modify every section of the theme effortlessly without any coding and design knowledge. Your creativity is all you need when it comes to putting together the perfect solution for your online fashion business.

Take things into your own hands and be the creator of the next success story. With a professional site that you can build with ease, you are on the right path to go beyond belief. Don’t set yourself any borders, go above and beyond and shock the industry with an extraordinary online shop.

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Zana Fashion

zana fashion magento fashion theme

Men and women fashion, kids apparel, accessories, you name it, fashion stores of all types can be build using Zana Fashion Magento theme. Are you ready to take the challenge and surprise not only the world but yourself, too, with an expert-looking web shop? Truth be told, there isn’t any real challenge you are faced with. With Zana Fashion, building a website is so easy you won’t believe it until you complete the construction and press on the big launch button.

Developers behind Zana Fashion made sure you are presented with ultimate solutions for your fashion biz. That said, you have all the extensions needed along with many demo material to speed up the setup. You most definitely cannot go wrong with such practical Magento fashion theme like Zana Fashion is.

Different home page and header styles, boxed and wide layouts, multi language support and Ajax cart pro are some of the delicacies you get with the theme. No need to think twice, there is a whole bunch more features and extensions which will turn you into an online shop building wizard. Get artistic with Zana Fashion and start a trendy online business now.

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style magento fashion theme

With Style, you promote style and help spread the word about it. You can accomplish so much with a stylish Magento fashion theme which allows you total customization, yet comes with many pre-built content to speed up the building process. Speaking of which, there 4 home pages, 3 headers and 6 product profiles at your service right off the bat. Choose these or improve on them for an overall more unique final look of your online shop.

Fresh and modern Magento theme, Style, comes with many color styles and an option to choose between boxed and full-width layouts. With its flexibility, your eCommerce page will look beautiful on any device. Let visitors have a great shopping spree on their smartphones, tablets and desktop computers. The theme adjusts to any screen size at the speed of lightning and displays your products beautifully.

With the different sliders and the rights to create a custom one, Style gives your site a distinct look with animated slides. Grab visitors’ attention right away and persuade them to keep on browsing your store with new products, offers and other hot deals. Don’t forget, you should always keep on testing to see what works and what does not.

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underlinen magento fashion theme

Like you can guess it from the name, Underlinen promotes underwear online stores. Bear in mind, it is also excellent for all other fashion eCommerce businesses. The quick start package gives you a chance to import the Underlinen demo and use it for your own website. With this process, you can have a fresh new web store ready in a very short time.

Google maps and Google fonts, along with Owl slider and Ionicons are just a few of the extensions that you can use with your website. The sticky header is configurable just like the top links are. Make it right and according to your desired online store structure.

Create unique listings, add a background slideshow and benefit from the product slider widget. With these simple to use features and extensions, you can quickly build a unique site and go face to face with your competition. Make it happen now and stop delaying the action.

Like any other developers, Underlinen’s also make sure their theme is constantly up to date and ready for the new version of Magento. In case it happens that you come across any issue, feel free to hit them up and they will be happy to assist you.

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bleu magento fashion theme

Bleu is a clean and minimal Magento fashion theme which you can use for all sorts of stores. You can build a website instantly or use Bleu as a starting point when creating custom pages for clients. The admin section is full of features and shaping capabilities which turn you into a real pro at designing online stores even if, in reality, you aren’t really. Who even needs to know what is happening on the back end, right?

More goodies Bleu offers are in the form of 8 demo layouts. No need to design the final product from scratch. You can simply pick the layout you fancy the most and start from there. The majority of work has already been done for you. From now on, you only need to import products, add the logo, site info and build a useful menu for better site navigation.

A theme which is not 100% responsive and retina ready would never be listed in any of our theme collections. Plus, if it wouldn’t be SEO optimized and meeting the necessary web standards, you also would not see it in our selection of top templates. Indeed, Bleu follows all these ranking factors, assuring you a great user experience on all the devices.

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thebear magento fashion theme

It may sound very robust and solid, yet Thebear Magento fashion theme is nothing close to it. This clean and minimal eCommerce template is perfect for male and female online fashion stores and all the rest in between. It is a multifunctional theme with many features and demo content which turns you into a true expert in your field. You will be able to create the eCommerce website all on your own without the need to outsource certain processes. The only one who you might contact is the expert support that comes with the theme. But more likely, you will only thank Thebear developers for the amazing product rather than anything else.

The 7 homepage demo layouts are ready to kick the website building method off straight away. By the way, you save a lot of time with these. Pick the one you fancy and start modifying it and combining it with other pages and features.

Thebear supports Mega and Smart menus, product labels, best sellers and includes Revolution Slider. There is also the back to top button, Cloud Zoom and the overall design of the theme is responsive and cross browser compatible.

Start designing and use your creativity to modify and improve the theme. With all the specialties it feeds you with, Thebear gives you all the secret bits and pieces for bringing to life the exact same online store you always wanted.

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wenro magento fashion theme

Do not feel overwhelmed when Wenro theme’s features and all other practical functions hit you. No need to rush with it, rather go through all the details slowly so you do not lose control once mid constructing the online store. However, the theme is well documented so you do not have to worry about facing any inconveniences. You can go step by step and customize the template like you would want it to look.

At the time of writing this, there are 16 homepage layouts for you to choose and quickly launch the online store. In combination with the demo content and the advanced admin, you can structure unique designs with ease. Each will look pretty on all devices and give visitors a pleasant shopping experience.

You can also integrate a blog section to your web store. With the blog, you can talk about the shop and your story, share outfit ideas and announce the launch of new collections. Keep entertaining the shoppers and build loyalty what will turn them into devoted customers.

Some other Wenro Magento fashion theme features are Mega Menu support, Google rich snippet, Google fonts and brand logo slider. Show which brands you carry on the home page or across the whole online store in the footer.

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