۱۴ Best Free Church Website Templates 2017

Is it that you are looking for free church website templates? Finding the ideal one all on your own might be a daunting task. Luckily, we did the major part of the work for you. We roamed across the internet taking notes and picking the most promising templates for churches and religious organizations. Here we are now, with a collection of the best free templates to help you spread the Word of God.

Whether you are a local church or a creative professional who is building a website for one, these tools will help you tremendously. With all the quintessential elements a page of such kind needs, set up will be flawless.

A stunning page helps you stay in touch with your community of loyal members at all times. Share your calendar, different events and even start a blog. Those who cannot connect with you in person might also be interested in listening to different audios while browsing the website. Along with the music, audios can also be used to share preachings with a wider audience. Moreover, if you accept donations, you can collect them online easily.
Create a memorable experience for each and every guest who comes to your page.

Send your message out to the online space with the use of any of the free church website templates we listed below.

Feel free to check out our best collection of responsive church WordPress themes.

True Church

true free church website template

Inspired by simplicity, True Church website template is ideal for those who are interested in showcasing only the most important information. Sometimes, it is wise to avoid all the unnecessary clutter and bring in front of your audience only the major info. Your guests will immediately get familiar with what is going on and never miss a thing. To achieve even better results, stunning areas for pictures that True Church template treats you with are great to enhance the experience. But the stuff which deserves the most shine, you can feature in the full-width slider with call to actions.

Share recent news, families, pastors and let every visitor get in touch with you effortlessly. The contact form is included and you can have it placed in the footer section of your site along with other essentials. If your local church does not have a website yet or it is outdated, True Church template is the way to go. You can put together a page and spread the word quickly and efficiently. Invite more people to join you on your journey especially those who are unable to come and visit you and be part of the sermons. Bear in mind, you can use the template for other religious purposes, too. Even for business use if you dig the web design.

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St. Patrick’s Church

st patricks church free church website template

A free and responsive church website template for crafting a beautiful online presence. Some might not be used to it, but even churches and religious organizations are becoming aware of the power of the internet. It is another fantastic way to share faith and religion amongst the like-minded people across the whole globe. You can easily make it happen with St. Patrick’s Church template. It is equipped with all there is you need for a fully working website. The layout is bold and clean in the looks, perfect for displaying the key information and then some. Viewers will be impressed by the design and happy to return back for more of your news and other updates. There are also special sections ready to share more in-depth info. Get them informed about your good works in-depth.

St. Patrick’s Church is a bright and colorful one-page website template. The navigation collapses on the scroll and follows your scrolling journey. At any time, you can jump from location to location in an instant. Share upcoming events, get visitors familiar with pastors and list the upcoming sermons. Along with the integrated Contact Us form, St. Patrick’s Church also comes with Google Maps and custom marker.

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Christian Website Template

christian free church website template

For a fast, quick and reliable website solution for your churches, Christian Website Template has you sorted. You pretty much do not have to do much. The people behind the template update it with your logo, church name and contact information. After they finish updating it, they make it active and hand it over to you. Over on your end, you only need to add the desired content and you are ready to hit the online space with it. It almost could not be simpler. And in case you need any additional support and guidance, you can always hit up the developers and they will be happy to assist you.

There are various predefined layouts ready which you can choose for your website. Christian Website Template will then take care of the rest. The package includes the set up of your page that follows the ready-to-use web design. This is a very newbie-friendly approach which will benefit you tremendously. This means only one thing – no excuses. Churches and any other in the Christian space willing to put together a website, now you can do it with ease. It is also an excellent starting point in case you plan to learn the gist of operating and managing a church website.

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religious free church website template

Church is a flat and responsive Bootstrap template for ministries, pray centers and, needless to say, churches. It has a modern design which can be easily customized to meet your expectations. Due to its flexibility, you can use the template for almost any type of page. Indeed, if you like the design, you can use it for a business that has nothing to do with religion, too. No need to limit yourself to one niche only.

Any website using free Church website template is compatible with all the browsers. Moreover, mobile phones, tablets and desktops will all adore the layout since it fluidly adapts to any screen size. The template is coded with HTML5 and CSS3 for simple, quick and efficient improvements. With the elegant layout pre-designed, you probably will not have to do much. Other than adding the information, images and contact details, you are safe with the default design.

Nothing should be stopping you from expanding the reach of God’s word. You are just so close from reaching the endless possibilities the online world offers you. As quickly as saying ABC, you can have a website ready and set to hit the world wide web.

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Stylish Church

stylish free church website template

In the internet era we are living, even churches need to have a solid online presence. It helps them stay connected with the members and attract new visitors. Not only that, there are many who cannot attend church due to health or any other reasons, these can be reached with a page, too. With free Stylish Church website template, you can keep everyone updated and informed about new events. You will be impressed by the fact how much you can do without spending any money on development of the site. And the best part? You can do it all on your own, no need to hire someone to do it for you. No prior coding or design skills required.

Key features of Stylish Church template are a modifiable slideshow, events calendar and custom logo upload. Regarding the logo, if you do not have one, you can simply use the site title which will also do the trick. The included blog comes with a custom post type which you can use to play audios (player included). You can use it for sermon replays which visitors can enjoy straight from your page. Last but definitely not least, 4 color presets are ready to use; green, red, orange and the default blue one. There is all gathered in one simple and clean template for you to benefit from.

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light free church website template

Light is a creative and innovative church website template which gives an impression of a premium product. It is all due to the numerous features it is packed with. Crafting a neat and modern page for religious organizations will be a breeze. When it comes to churches, any alternative to traditional spreading the God’s Word is helpful. Reaching more people and helping those in need is in every church and organization’s intention. Need more exposure? Help yourself with Light template and have an influence on everyone visiting your page.

Full-width slideshow on the home page will be an instant attention grabber. Use it to promote events, share quotes or astonishing images, whatever there is you want to inform your readers about right off the bat. Navbar which collapses on smooth scrolling is another feature of Light template. It gives the overall design a nice touch of professionalism.

The template is easy to use with expert coding so your website will always look first-class. Another element of the Light free template is the contact section which supports Google Maps. And in the footer, you can add social links and copyright info. In short, you are treated with a complete solution for a church website. Share your mission and let it see the light in the online world.

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Church HTML5

html5 free church website template

Free HTML5 Bootstrap template, Church, is ready to have you sorted with everything regarding spreading the good word. Sharing gospels, sermons and informing members about different events, it is all possible with Church. It has a responsive layout which everyone can enjoy, even those on the go. Listening to audios and watching videos directly from your website is now possible wherever guests and members have the Wi-Fi connection.

Following the modern trends, Church HTML5 free template is everything you ever wanted. If you came so far, your hunt for the ideal template will probably end now. With its boxed layout and a ton of features and cool effects, you can have an advanced website ready shortly.

The index page has an excellent animated slider with call to actions followed by an awesome counter which you can tailor to your needs. On scroll animations and effect represent different elements of your page in a breathtaking way. The template is also compatible with videos which pop up beautifully. These are perfect for your sermons. Additionally, Church HTML5 template has special news and events sections and a donate button placed in the menu. It is easy to stand out from the crowd with a superb template.

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charitize free church website template

For everyone already familiar with WordPress content management system, we have a theme for you and your church. Officially, Charitize is for non-profits and foundations, however, it perfectly fits church’s needs, too. A simple and to the point free tool which will have your online presence going strong. It has plenty customization characteristics which unlock an entirely new horizon of possibilities for you. It also supports a number of extensions (read plugins) to formulate a fully working website. Although it is free, the end product will still look highly professional. You are not far away from crafting a modern page anymore.

Charitize has a responsive and fluid layout what makes your page look fabulous on all screen sizes. Browsers, too. Multi-page product with a whole bunch of practical and useful ingredients for fast and efficient site building process. Modify header, footer, add donations, even gallery and incorporate Google Maps, you can all do it with Charitize. The theme is also search engine optimized for quick and high rankings. You can and you should use Charitize in case you would like to represent your church in a slightly different way. Do not be afraid to do things against the grain. It is going to be a great user experience for whoever visits your page.

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zion free church website template

Like most of the free church website templates (and themes) we featured in this collection, Zion is a very handy item as well. In general, it is a WP theme for non-profit organizations and churches, but it does not mind undergoing adjustments. In other words, if you fancy the web design, feel free to use it for other websites. Zion free theme for churches is stacked with all the mandatory features for constructing a modern website. This also calls for an adaptable layout to ensure a fantastic experience on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. It readjusts instantly to every screen size.

Zion’s features to point out are also 4 different color presets, slider on the index page and media section for videos and audios. It is very simple and basic in the design what makes it perfect for spreading the word out. Not many distractions for a memorable experience. You can add your church’s logo and add different widgets. Since church events are highly important, Zion includes a chronological events list to showcase all the upcoming events. And when the time and date passes by, the event automatically disappears from the list. For any support and guidance, follow the documentation and start creating.

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responsive free church website template

The easiest way to pick a recognizable name for a template or a theme is simply to go with the niche it was built for. In our case, Church is a theme for building blogs, non-profit pages, corporate websites and last but not least, online presence for churches. Exclusive to the WordPress CMS, with Church theme, you will not have a problem putting together a custom page. Almost every section of the product is customizable for you to make it follow your church’s colors and needs. Upload a logo, change colors, custom header and footer, add a unique background and more. It is also compatible with WooCommerce for eCommerce websites.

There are a ton of options you are treated with with Church theme. You better start putting it to use and little do you know, an expert-level page lies in front of your eyes. Use the theme without setting any boundaries. Go above and beyond and customize it so it precisely follows your requirements. Your members and visitors will enjoy all the must-haves and then some. Unlock creative freedom when building a website with Church.

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GivingPress Lite

givingpress free church website template

GivingPress Lite is a WP theme tailored for the nonprofits specifically. However, due to its extensibility, you can use it for other websites with ease. Since you insist, GivingPress Lite gives you all the rights to hammer out a page for your local church. It is modern and elegant in the design with a focus on collecting donations and fundraising. To expand your potential, bringing a church to the online space can do you extremely good. Not only can you freely spread God’s Word with everyone involved but you can also receive donations. There are only so many people coming to church while online, the number can easily exceeds even the overall monthly amount of visitors. Or more.

Full-width banner-style images, big fonts and large call to action buttons play a positive impact on the visitor. Share your mission and start a blog section where you can further express yourself. Contact page comes with integrated Google Maps and contact form along with enough space for other useful information. Exclusively, developers also designed a page dedicated to donation. Write something short and compelling or in-depth and thorough, whatever there is in your power to gain more clicks on the Donate button. Your church website will be a fantastic place in the online world where good people will gather.

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harmony free church website template

An online location where guests and members are in perfect Harmony with the church and potentially, God. With a stylish template which will boost your creativity through the roof, site building will be a breeze. Yet again, you do not need prior coding nor any design skills. Just jump in with both feet and start bringing into being the ideal church website you always dreamt about. If it happens that you are in a hurry, use Harmony template as is, add your content and you are good to go. On the other hand, play around with different features and improve on the current layout.

From a breathtaking index page with a wide slider to donate end events section, all is ready to use with Harmony. The contact page is also fully workable with a simple form and compatible with Google Maps. Show the location of your church on the map so everyone can find it easily and even check the street view. In the footer, more options are available to briefly tell about your church and add the contact details. Custom newsletter subscription box is also included. All in one place ready for you to start developing.

Arizona Unity Church

arizona unity church free church website template

Simple and straightforward multi-page template, Arizona Unity Church unites communities using the internet. Even when it comes to churches and everything-religious, it is highly advisable to be present on the world wide web. In person, you can reach only a certain amount of hearts. Meanwhile, there are no limits and no boundaries when it comes to the online world. Only sky is the limit? Instead of making complex sites, full of animations and special effects, keep it simple with Arizona Unity Church template.

Home, About Us, Services and the Contact/Visit Us pages are just about the right amount of stuff going on on your site. Each section gives you more than enough space to feature all and everything to tell the world what you are about. Services section can include all the extras like wedding info, evening prayers and Sunday school. If there is something uncommon that you offer to your community that others do not, this is the place to highlight it. Instead of chatting with everyone individually, you can talk to tens, hundreds, even thousands of people at the same time. All thanks to a powerful church website you built with a free template in minutes.

Community Church

community free church website template

Community Church is a very original free church website template with a 100% responsive layout. Thanks to the option, you can check how your website will look on both desktop and mobile in live preview. It perfectly adapts to the screen size and makes it look almost like an app. Although the web design is one-of-a-kind it still follows the positive impact of simplicity. Index page has two slideshows side by side which you can pause or play. Along with the home page, four more inner pages are added to the free template. The About Us section, plus, Ministries, Events and Contact pages. The menu also allows addding sub-menus which appear in a drop down section.

Like the home page, other sectors of Community Church free template are also divided in two. For instance, in the Events section, one part of the page can be dedicated to the events happening all year long and the other for the upcoming special events. But you can always customize each section so it will fit your needs perfectly. Integrated Google Maps and a working contact form are ready to use and social icons included. When in need of something unique, Community Church free church website template is at your service.

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