13 Popular AMP Templates For Mobile-First Websites 2017


Ensure visitors the best overall website user experience with high-standards following and most popular AMP templates. Along with the web design and other beneficial features, fast page loading speeds are one of the most important aspects of a successful website. If one thing you should be concerned about is the fact how quickly your site loads. Or will load, in case you are building a fresh website for the first time. To avoid the struggle, with our list of the best templates, you are safe and ready to launch your new project’s website in no time. No need to build something from scratch when there are tools already available to save you time. And this especially goes towards everyone who does not have much prior experience regarding building a website.

To make your page as fast as possible, there are many methods you can go with. One of them is the AMP Project which is short for Accelerated Mobile Pages. For all the techies, we are speaking about a light framework with a basic HTML which incorporates special AMP properties. These are the ones which speed up the overall (mobile) performance of your website.

But what also speeds things up when it comes to crafting a stunning website are all of our best AMP templates.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is an open source initiative by Google, supported by Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and even WordPress itself. Having all these big companies by your side, you know you cannot go wrong with the product that makes your websites work faster.

For a mobile-first page, swiftness is key. The ideal scenario will be if every page loads instantly. This scenario you will easily achieve with the powerful AMP templates. Your content will load immediately, your visitors will stay and your business will grow. Become the one who is known by the superb mobile adventures.

“The speed of time is one second per second.”- Steven Wright

AMP Pro Mobile

pro mobile amp template

Since you already get the gist of the whole Accelerated Mobile Pages game, let’s dive fully in with a powerful template which hears by the name, AMP Pro Mobile. One of the fastest loading templates you can treat your website with ensures the greatest user experience to every mobile device users. Browsing from smartphones and tablets has never been more fun. Not only that but you, as the website owner, will have a fun time building the platform, too. It is a win-win situation (just that it is way more than that). Are you ready to take the plunge and start hammering out a superb mobile-first page? With AMP Pro Mobile you are prepared for everything.

What the template prides itself with the most is the custom navigation which was individually crafted by the developers. On mobile, menus might sometimes be quite a pain in the neck. 4 different styles of navigation are ready for you to use and implement into your page. Additionally, AMP Pro Mobile template comes with 60 pages and a working contact form. It is fully equipped with retina and HiDPI graphics and more than 600 pixel perfect Font Icons. Packed with features to help you start rocking the mobile world. It is only a matter of you and how quickly you are going to put it to use.

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bones amp template

Exlusively engineered for AMP eCommerce websites, Bones template has all the essentials for crafting magnificent online stores. Using Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project, every element of the template loads with an insane speed. It all calls for a fantastic UX what will probably give you great results regarding sales. Happy customers = returning customers.

Including in the zip file are pages for categories, product detail, cart and checkout. Once you have it all set up, Google will cache your pages and with structured Schema.org data, you will witness an improvement in SEO. Better SEO = higher rankings = more traffic. Be prepared for the snowballing effect.

When you begin building a website with Bones AMP template, thorough documentation offers you full assistance. You can even check it before purchasing the template to see how well they put it together. However, if you need more guidance, dedicated support is always at your service to help you out. Feel free to give them a ring and overcome any challenge and boundary you may face with.

Even your content marketing is sorted with Bones template. It comes with a blog section which you can use for creating compelling articles. Attract even more of that free organic traffic with articles covering your niche keywords. After all, you are the expert in your field. Put that expertise into words and attain great success.

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AMP Card Mobile

card mobile amp template

All the pages and features that come with AMP Card Mobile template are entirely AMP valid, hence the name. What this means is that your website’s loading speeds will be blazing fast. The card-like web design gives your site a distinct look that users can benefit from using any type of mobile device. From small and all the way to the large screens, AMP Card Mobile supports them all and performs flawlessly. For your information, AMP-ready pages are not only fast as hell, they also have a better impact on search engine optimization. Meaning, you will witness better rankings compared to those whose pages are AMP-free.

A special sidebar menu with smooth page effect was designed using nothing but CSS3. Ensure your visitors a comfortable navigation throughout your whole website browsing experience. Get them to the desired content as quickly as possible with as little clicks as possible.

2 skins and a whopping 50 pages are available with AMP Card Mobile template for you take to your advantage. There is all and everything you need to bring into being a top-notch mobile website which will impress guests. Some other features are swiper slider, swipebox galleries and lazy load. In little to no time, you will have a fabulous website ready to hit the mobiles and tablets with its beautiful design and speediness. Get involved.

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AMP Insta Mobile

insta mobile amp template

If you plan your website to be picture oriented, then you should definitely check out AMP Insta Mobile template. Hence the name, it follows the Instagram concept when it comes to navigation for ridiculous speeds. Whenever we speak about mobile sites, it is essential that it loads as fast as possible. We could almost say that nothing is too fast for mobile users. Very sensitive web browsers, indeed. To meet their expectations when it comes to flipping through your content, an AMP template is what you should take into consideration. And any from the collection you find on this list will do the trick.

Following the AMP Project rules by Google, Insta Mobile template guarantees instant loads and comfy browsing from any mobile device. Along with what is already available from the tool, developers also put together custom AMP pages. These are waiting for you to put them to use and give your page a distinct look. The product comes with a ton of ready-to-use inner pages and a fixed footer menu, similar to the one Instagram uses. When browsing it from a smartphone, your website will look like an app and very appealing to the eye. Since how the template looks, it gives visitors a feeling of familiarity. It feels like they have already been reading your website even if they visit it for the first time. And that is definitely a good thing.

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AMP News Mobile

news mobile amp template

In the modern age we are living, it seems everyone is on their smartphones, reading the news and getting familiar with the outside world. With so many blogs and magazine-like sites, the competition is strong. However, with a properly structured website, you can quickly get on the same level of those established ones. It should be minimal, distraction-free and load rapidly. It goes like this: you click, it opens. There should literally be nothing (read time) in between. Make it pass some time and they will leave early. And that is a big NO when you plan your website to have long-term success.

To stay away from such poorly performing sites, AMP News Mobile template offers you a complete mobile solution. Designed with Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages, it gives your site a feel of a news app. The best part? You do not have to invest big budgets to make it happen. With a small payment and without any real coding and design skills, you can achieve tremendous progress in little to no time. With the AMP News Mobile template, it will be easy to build and simple to manage a page. It has more than 600 icons, retina ready graphics and a valid contact form. Other than start adding your content, images and information, you will not have to do much. Enjoy.

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AMP Drawer

drawer amp template

Loading in a blink of an eye (even faster), clean web design and top-notch navigation, you all get it with AMP Drawer template. The interface is as gorgeous as it gets with a depth effect like sidebar navigation. It is all in the simplicity, smooth animations and an overall first-class experience what you easily achieve with a proper technology solution. One that covers it all is the AMP Project. One of the fastest in the game regarding both mobile search engine rankings and page loading. Exactly what you should look for when picking the ideal item for constructing your website.

No need to continue browsing the world wide web. For you, we did all the hard work and compiled a list of the top AMP templates. One that was definitely a must to add to the list is Drawer. Instant loading, retina ready, contact form, 2 skins and the mentioned sidebar with the depth effect, all-in-one product for an ultimate mobile page. As far as the AMP Project goes, it is not only about the overall exquisite user experience, it is also helpful when it comes to search engine optimization. No complications and no struggle, just a straightforward template for you to start bringing in the wanted mobile traffic. In case of any additional help and support, the developers are available to you 24/7.

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AMP Mobile

mobile amp template

Developed and crafted to perfection with one thing in mind, Mobile. For the first time ever, in late 2016, mobile web search overtook desktop. We all know where the future lies. From television and radio, it went to desktop computers, laptops and now tablets and smartphones. Who knows what comes next.

That said, anyone who is launching a new online project, make sure it is fully responsive and follows all the modern web trends. Many themes and templates out there already know the gist of it. They are optimised for speed so the UX is at the highest levels. But if you are starting out, or an established website, implementing AMP Project brings it all to an entirely different level.

AMP Mobile is a powerful template with all the needed features and must-haves. Pick it up and start putting it into use. Bring into being a mobile masterpiece which will have organic traffic racing towards your content. As you may know, all AMP websites have a tendency to rank higher in search engines, especially Google. But it is not only about the Accelerated Mobile Pages, the quality of your content matters just as well. When having the right blend of everything, you are set to march towards victory. Are you ready to take the plunge and make things happen?

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tasty amp template

A lovely AMP template, Tasty, was crafted for restaurants, hence the name, but you can easily modify it and use it for other businesses. It has a special section for services, a stunning home page with an included contact form for making reservations and a blog section, too. The latter you can use for content marketing and enhance your restaurant’s potential. By publishing content relevant to your business which users and customers find of benefit, you will start growing and scaling things up. A free method of promotion, it just takes time and effort.

Tasty template supports both left to right and right to left languages. There are live previews for both, LTR uses English and RTL uses Arabic, so you get a better idea how things look. Of course, a mobile phone is used to display the web design for you to flip through it like you would browse it from a smartphone.

Other key features of Tasty are GULP task runner, Nunjucks template engine and Schema.org structured data. The mobile sidebar is user-friendly and ensures great navigation and showcases contact information. Last but not least, sites using Tasty template work offline on visitors’ second visit. In short, your mobile business page will be lightning fast, eye-catching and be able to transform visitors into loyal clients easily. Get things going.

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teem amp template

I literally went on my smartphone, took a screenshot of the teem AMP template and here I am now, writing about it. While you can check all these templates from your desktop computers, it is advisable to see how they work on mobile. After all, the one we have listed here are all dedicated to mobile use. Just like any other, teem appears on your device like an app, making it that more fun to browse and read the content. It works flawlessly, without any unnecessary distractions. Site navigation is sorted with a cool sidebar which you can also use for contact info and social links. At the top, it also sports search bar for when a visitor wants to find something specific. The transition to sidebar and back to the page is smooth and clean.

The Accelerated Mobile Pages make for a pretty damn quick loading speeds of your pages. With regular updates and a detailed documentation, teem template is a great pick for your blogging needs. The latter is available online for you to check it in advance. It supports RTL languages, comes with a contact form and more than 600 Font Awesome icons. For those interested in placing advertisements on their pages, teem handles those, too, and help you monetize them. Releasing high-standards content which is strategically executed can bring you far.

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AMP Yummy

amp template

For bakeries and restaurants, Yummy is here to take care of your needs and online mobile appearance. With two different home page layouts, this AMP template takes care of all the technical part. In addition, it makes you rank higher and any section of your website will load instantaneously. To shake the restaurant market with a web design masterpiece, set up a page with Yummy template and let it help your business shine with all of its light. The process of building a page for all your mobile (potential) clients, is quick and efficient. Once they land on it, they will be impressed right off the bat. Checking what you have to offer will be a fine experience. Luxuriate them with fancy images and chefs’ delicious meals.

With Yummy, you get both contact and booking forms, for guests to get in touch with you. Start making business and turn hungry visitors into customers. It is all very doable with a modern and elegant template. One of the best features of Yummy is the stunning full-screen table design sidebar. But there is way more to it which you can profit from and start growing your business. Your restaurants and bakeries will start grabbing the attention of search engines, too. Mobile search rankings of your page will be high, thus enabling you to drive more organic traffic to it.

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mobnews amp template

MobNews AMP template is no stranger to offering the finest user experience to mobile device users. They will enjoy reading your news site and get familiar with what is currently hot and trending. Not only that, you, as a publisher, well keep them updated with the freshest news in every category and get them familiar with what is going on in the world. But it is totally up to you what type of a news-oriented mobile website you plan to launch. No matter your intentions, MobNews takes care of all of your requirements and requests. It is stylish, and by following the AMP Project, your site will perform in the most optimum way. Minimal in the design, yet powerful in the features, get that blogging or online magazine page realized.

MobNews contains custom accordions and carousels, Font Awesome icons, ad spots and supports audio and video. Moreover, the in-depth documentation (available online) will assist you with setting up the page and come very handy for the novice. Even if you are new to putting together a mobile-first page, MobNews is here to take good care of you. Most of the work is finished anyway. But it is the customer support which offers you help when you need it. Hit them up any time and they will fix it all for you. Your idea or business plan is close to becoming a reality.

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pinna amp template

A simple template on the outside, yet full of features and goodies on the inside. Here is Pinna template, an AMP project ready item for your fantastic mobile sites in almost every niche. Tailor it to your wants with images and content and add your personal touch to it. Voila, a whole new web design is ready although it still sports the same foundation.

In the internet era we are living and the fast lifestyles we have, time is king. We are always rushing, with food, with work, with everything. And when it comes to the online world and browsing the web from smartphones, speed is crucial. No site should be slow. With that in mind, Pinna is the template which does an excellent job at it. It is not only insanely fast, it also saves customers’ battery life.

Pages which are powered by Pinna ensure an express delivery of your compelling content and insightful articles to readers’ screens. Users will spend more time on your site what triggers search engines, letting them know there is a ton of quality material on it. Additionally, due to its light and UX friendly layout, search engines will adore your page. An overall first-class experience which will boost your traffic to the extraordinary numbers.

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cityevents amp template

CityEvents is a template for building online directories. It is an optimized AJAX and AMP ready template for the best mobile performance out there. Knowing that more than half of all the traffic to your website will be mobile, your page should not only be responsive, but fast as light, too. First, it should instantly adapt to the screen size of choice. Second, the page loading speed should be faster than a heartbeat of a mouse. CityEvents uses all the latest technologies, like image lazy loading, preloading background and prerender to name a few.

Perfectly suited for all sorts of conferences, meetings, seminars, wedding and city activities. Even bars, cinemas, entertainment, nightlife, hotels and shopping related directories is what you can build with CityEvents. Basically, if you are interested in crafting a listing site targeting mobile users, this is the best option for you. How your mobile page will function will be almost absurd (in a good way). Fast, clean, smooth and zero distractions.

Let the users find the desired locations straightaway with stunning events and places pages. Moreover, when they find what they are after, single pages will let them learn more about the particular festival they are interested in visiting. Blog and gallery pages are included, as well. CityEvents AMP template is a complete blend of needed material for a phenomenal mobile directory website.

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