12 Best WordPress Membership Plugins 2017


Whether you are just starting out or already gained some traction, with WordPress membership plugins, you can monetize your page and get it lucrative. Either a blog with exclusive content, a course-oriented platform or a subscription based business, whatever your project is all about, with a proper plugin, you can turn it into a long-term profit-generating machine.

What is especially beneficial about a membership program is that it is very predictable. Sure, some clients come and go, but there are others who will stay loyal forever. Depending on the program, you can expect payments every month, every quarter or every year. Bear in mind, if you are in for the quick money, a membership site is not the way to go for you. You rather launch a consulting website where the right client can earn you huge

Getting back to the paid subscriptions, with our best collection of WordPress membership plugins, you can start planning long-term goals for your online project. Due to the modern age we are living in, these are super easy to use and implement into your site flawlessly. In other words, everyone can build a profitable membership WordPress site with relative ease. No need to hire someone to do it for you, rather start taking action and have it set up ASAP.

Now let’s look into the finest plugins for crafting membership programs of all kinds.



When searching for the perfect membership plugin for your WordPress site, it might be that you are seeing MemberPress mentioned quite a bit. It is definitely one of the most popular plugins out there, powering a ton of subscription-based sites. Needless to say, it is very easy to install and almost too simple to use. So simple it seems you are doing something wrong. You are not, that is the way how MemberPress rolls. And to top it all off, it comes loaded with all the necessary features for a fully functional membership solution.

In this day and age, almost every tool for building whatever type site should be user-friendly. As a matter of fact, it should be created so everyone can use it. Those with little or zero skills, too. Even when it gets to crafting a membership website. Once a tedious and expensive process, now as simple as 1, 2, 3.

With MemberPress, you will have complete control over what content members can access to depending on the level of their membership program. Set up pages, posts, categories, tags, you name it, and it will be done. When you get the plugin, it comes packed with a selection of price page themes which you can use right off the bat. It guarantees you your pricing page will look stunning.

After a customer purchases the desired membership package, he or she can upgrade (or cancel it) straight from your site. And with the automatic billing, you almost do not have to do anything else other than enjoy the sales coming it.

Since we could go on and on with the features, one more is worth pointing out. It is content dripping or in other words, content which unlocks after a set period of time. Or it expires in some of the cases.

MemberPress WordPress membership plugin is definitely worth the investment. Indeed, it is very newbie-friendly, too.

Paid Memberships Pro

paid memberships pro

Paid Memberships Pro is another fantastic approach to the premium WordPress membership sites. A sophisticated tool with many options to acchieve full functionallity of such site. To get the gist of it, documentation and video installation assist you when setting things up for your page.

To test the waters and see how everything works, you can start with the Free plan. It is limited with features but still gives you just enough options to get familiar with Paid Memberships Pro. It is also great for everyone who is unsure whether or not Paid Memberships Pro is the right plugin for them. After a while of testing it out, you can upgrade to the Plus or go straight to the Unlimited version. At the end of the day, it all falls to your business requirements. Pick accordingly and take it to your advantage.

You can use Paid Memberships Pro for all sorts of online projects. For organizations with thousands upon thousands of members, e-learning, private communities and discounts which unlock only to members. It is also possible to set different levels of membership. From free and paid, to subscriptions based on weekly, monthly and yearly payments.

Paid Memberships Pro integrates perfectly with the most notable gateways, like Stripe, PayPal, Authrize.net, CyberSource and others. There is also an option to add a new gateway if you do not see the one you would like to use on the list of available ones. As an alternative, you can process the membership checkout via WooCommerce, too.

Speaking of integration, you can use all bunch of third party tools with Paid Memberships Pro, like MailChimp, Kissmetrics, AffiliateWP, etc.

As an icing on a cake, there are more than 70 available plugins to help you add even more features to your membership sites. There is something for every taste.

Restrict Content Pro

restrict content pro

Using Restrict Content Pro WordPress membership plugin will be very uncomplicated. Even if you are new to it, it will feel like you are using it forever. It truly will, what makes it one of the top plugins for (paid) membership WordPress sites.

Restrict permission of using your content with a powerful plugin and get paid on a membership basis. You set the level that works best for you and start planning a long-term business with recurring revenue. Even if you were offering all the material for free up to this point, you can upgrade your website and give access to the high-end content only to the loyal users.

There is a number of built-in integrations that come with Restrict Content Pro at no extra cost. You can accept credit cards with Stripe, 2Checkout or PayPal and support multiple payment options, too. The more options you offer, more likely you will gain a new member or 647 and grow your page above expectations. With this plugin, you can easily handle them all.

Some additional features are data CSV export, unlimited subscriptions packages and reports to have a better understanding how your membership site performs. Not to mention, sending automatic welcome emails, receipts, and reminders will be a breeze.

On the plugin website, free comprehensive documentation is available which explains everything in detail. As for the members, no matter the level of your membership, each gets email support with vouched prompt reply.



Can you imagine, a turn-key membership platform that takes you only a few minutes to set it up? You haven’t met MemberMouse plugin yet, did you? What all this speedy set up also means is that it is very friendly to all the novice membership site builders out there. And to hype you up even more, for the first 14 days, you get a free trial. That is more than enough time for you to see how things work and start seeing some results.

MemberMouse is a premium, powerful, flexible and exceptionally easy to use WordPress membership plugin. In short, it helps you run your whole online business efficiently without the need of being a coding wizard. It is an adaptable platform which you can quickly configure to meet your business. Controlling different mundane duties will not be your job anymore thanks to MemberMouse.

Sometimes, a plugin is stacked with so many features you just do not know where to begin. Since we speak about memberships, let’s start there, too.

A password protects the members’ area and the content is available depending on the level of membership the customer has chosen. For each level, you can set different rules which members can unlock with upgrades. To deliver content at various times, organize a delivery schedule and copy it to other membership plans if there is a need. Even for affiliates, MemberMouse is supplied with all the must-haves and supports every affiliate platform.

Other goodies of MemberMouse plugin are 1-click upsells, split testing prices, trial offers, the ability to customize the checkout and solid management. With the latter, you have bird’s-eye view over order history, engagement, pauses, cancellations, refunds and all the rest.

As far as email marketing and payment gateways go, MemberMouse integrates with all the most popular ones. It works with MailChimp, AWeber, PayPal, Stripe and many more. Get ready to have your business sorted with one extensive membership plugin.

WooCommerce Memberships

woocommerce memberships

Liaising a membership to your website is not at all a hard and tedious process anymore. With such plugins like WooCommerce Memberships, it is too easy. In just a few steps, you will bring into being a membership site and enjoy your business growth. For any assistance along the way, make sure to check out the documentation which will also help you with the advanced stuff. You will be impressed by how much you can do with one simple, yet complex, plugin integration to your WordPress site.

With a full control over your membership site sorted, you can now start brainstorming which option to go with. Or go with the one which is the perfect match for your business now and later add new options. There is a ton of stuff you can do with WooCommerce Memberships. On one hand, you can limit your content to members or on the other, make it drip over a particular time schedule.

The options are endless. If you have an e-product or service, sell membership plans as its own product. Moreover, a membership can be just part of the product you already offer to your readers or clients. As an example, create a membership to get them access premium content, like recipes, special video how-tos or a podcast. You can also craft an invite-only member area where you pick members manually.

Start a purchasing club, rewards members with exclusive discounts, allow members to have absolute control over their plan and more. Bear in mind, while WooCommerce Memberships works entirely fine on its own, it can also very well co-operates with WooCommerce Subscriptions. It gives you even more options over your membership plans you (plan to) set.

There is truly nothing that WooCommerce Memberships does not allow you to do. Jump in with both feet and completely automatize your online business.


wp members

To kick things off, WP-Members is a free plugin which does not stay free for too long. Soon, you would need to invest into paid extension to get the most out of it. And before we continue, this is one of those plugins that does require some coding knowledge. You need to implement some of your skills into it to make it fully workable. While the majority of plugins on this list, you can use their full potential upon installation. However, the plugin does not require any modifications to your theme of choice. It is needed only when you want to modify the look of it and restrict certain content.

WP-Members WordPress membership plugin bans access to all content by default. Site owner then decides which posts to unlock and give access to to the members. These default features can be adjusted to your needs. But certain posts can easily be set to be banned or unbanned when there is a need for it. Meaning, you can overrule the default settings without making any other adjustments.

With WP-Members admin panel, you can change the out of the box registration fields and add custom ones with the practical drag and drop builder. The plugin also supports custom login forms, so you do not have to distance yourself from the branding. Nope, there is no need to use the WordPress login page. Create your own and even use custom URLs for it. These can be used to create lead generation landing pages and link them with banners. But that is a whole other topic we might discuss sometime in the future.

To cut a long story short, WP-Members plugin is more for the developers with at least some prior experience.

Membership 2 Pro

membership 2 pro

Are you starting a membership-based WordPress site and need a solid solution for it? With Membership 2 Pro plugin, you can create all sorts of programs for your members. You can protect your content for free, start paid membership or if you already run a successful blog or online magazine, upgrade it with the dripping premium material.

For speeding things up, Membership 2 Pro comes with 4 membership types which you can further customize. Standard Membership, Guest Membership, Dripped Content Membership and Default Membership. Pick what suits your needs and have total control of who sees what content on your website.

There are a whole bunch of options and add-ons available to improve and expand your membership. A very cool feature is the BuddyPress integration. The two combined allow you to create your very own social network which, of course, can be a paid one. Among plenty others, Membership 2 Pro is also loaded with features such as membership coupons, invitation codes, trial period and WPML compatibility to name a few.

PayPal, Authorize.net, Stripe and manual payments are options how you can get paid (in 25 currencies).

To support you with setting up your WordPress membership site, Membership 2 Pro comes with the smart setup wizard. It assists you with the configuration process and even includes the simulation mode. Make sure everything works flawlessly before you set things live.

You can give Membership 2 Pro plugins a 30 days long test run before you decide whether or not it is the right option for you.



If you are on a budget, the Framework option of s2Member WordPress membership plugin is for you. It is free of charge and gives you a chance to test yourself in the online membership business game. It only supports PayPal as payment and comes with 4 membership levels of which the drip feature is not included. For a free plugin, you can have it as a great quick-start and getting-familiar-with. Later, you can upgrade to the Pro Version with a single-site license or the ultimate unlimited-site license.

To monetize your existing site but avoid traditional advertising, you can start a membership program. While some of the content you release for free, or the majority of it, the other can be accessed only by paid members. That is one way how to start making money with your site and s2Member plugin is here to help. It supports all the popular payment options and allows you to store files locally or benefit from the Amazon integration.

Powered with WordPress shortcodes, you can turn what was once complex and intimidating, to a quick and easy solution. Make s2Member plugin fully functional and turn your page into a selling machine. Almost like an ATM, if you will.

Equipped with complete documentation, video tutorials, and email support for the Pros, s2Member helps your build and maintain a membership site forever. Start for free and then dive all in with s2Member’s own membership program.



Shortly after you start using LearnDash WordPress membership plugin, you will fall in love with it. It is all due to the fact how easy it is to work with. You will manage your paid subscription based online project without a hitch. It is all organized and gives you total freedom with building the ideal solution for your business. Start enjoying the recurring revenue and focus on bringing in even more leads to scale things up.

LearnDash comes perfect for building online courses and education programs. For your information, many universities are using the plugin for their online learning purposes. Doesn’t this tell you more than enough?

The learning material you always wanted to be released to the online space, but never for free, can now be done with LearnDash. Not only can you now sell fantastic courses to the online audience, you can create them, too. It is all doable with the power of one ultimate membership plugin, compatible with all your WordPress sites. But there is way more to it than just releasing the content and earning money off of it. You can reward students with certificates, badges and even points to fire them up. Moreover, interact with users depending on the level of skill they achieved.

By choosing LearnDash, you are always in charge with what is going on inside your membership platform. Set the pricing or make it free, create groups, manage student’s progress and communicate with members manually or automatically. There is a whole bunch more to it which will do you and your course good.

Ultimate Membership Pro

ultimate membership pro

Free and paid subscriptions are all sorted with Ultimate Membership Pro plugin. It is a premium tool dedicated to WordPress users who are in need of an all-in-one solution for their websites. Or should I say, their online membership businesses? Limit access to your entire site or just to the most valuable content. You can secure your content on all sort of levels. Protect pages, products, URLs, images, set redirection rules and more. There are even different templates available and ready to use. No need to build something from scratch. Put the predefined material to use and improve on it.

Some of the key features of Ultimate Membership Pro are various payment gateways, drip content, numerous membership levels and more. Sell subscription via WooCommerce, pick one from 9 integrated email marketing platforms and restrict stuff by keywords. Login is possible with 7 of the most popular social networks for an even easier and quicker access to the members’ area. Let them choose to sign up with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google and others.

There is pretty much an unlimited amount of options Ultimate Membership Pro plugin treats you with. At some point, it might get even ridiculous. But ridiculous is a good thing, right? There is never too many options since you never know to what extent your website will grow. Most importantly, for as long as the plugin you are using is scalable, you are safe. No need to think twice whether Ultimate Membership Pro is extensible or not. Indeed it is.



To give permission to access your most valuable content or all of it to only the most loyal users, PrivateContent plugin takes care of your needs. It turns your WordPress page into a multilevel membership platform with free and paid programs. Effortlessly, you can set limited access to any section of your site and published content. The best part of it? No coding experience required. Everyone who is planning to launch such business can now do it in a matter of minutes. And achieve high levels of success with it. One thing is for sure, you are not limited with PrivateContent in any way, shape or form.

When you run a business which is based on free or paid memberships, you should have complete control over what users are doing when logged into your website. With PrivateContent and Google Analytics integration, you can track every move they make. The collected data is used to improve your programs further and even use it for marketing purposes.

Upon creating an account, every user gets his or her private page. Profile pages are private and allow them to see their memberships and even features private comments. Moreover, when signed in, the subscription also syncs with WordPress. Meaning, it is possible to use WooCommerce and WP comments with one log in.

As an icing on a cake, PrivateContent takes care of form creation and skin builder, too. Not only does it come with predefined demo material, it also allows you to build a custom skin to fit your page look to the T. To further investigate this magnificent WordPress membership plugin, check out the live preview and see what is possible. In brief, you can do almost anything you would like with it.


armember plugin

Use ARMember premium membership plugin for WordPress sites to engineer the finest subscription-based online projects. The only skill it requires is you finger skill. No coding, no design experience needed. It is only a matter of clicking and arranging things in the right order. ARMember is undemanding, convenient, yet at the same time stuffed with features.

You can restrict your site content in a ton of different ways with ARMember plugin. Available are level based, partial content restriction of any post, IP limitations, redirects and other options. Included are all types of membership configurations. One time payments, free and paid trial periods, invite-only and recurring payments. Whenever a member wants to change membership plan, he or she can upgrade and downgrade it easily.

To make it all look appealing to the eye, ARMember comes with a built-in page builder. It allows you to craft custom forms, signup pages, forgotten passwords and all the rest that comes along. Do not distance yourself from the main design and make your membership program follow it, too. By the way, if you do not want to over complicate, there are predefined form templates at your service. Speed things up and create the desired forms in little to no time.

A special module allows users to sign up with their social accounts, like Facebook, Twitter, and G+. For users, different profile templates are available with various badges of achievements. It makes it very user-friendly and fun to use, browse and interact.

No time to waste, start developing your one of a kind WordPress membership site with ARMember.


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