12 Best Free Directory Website Templates 2017


To build an online platform where like-minded people gather to browse and submit, these free directory website templates are a perfect fit. After looking deeply into the world wide web, we managed to collect a number of different items for crafting your own or your client’s directory website. We made sure they include all the mandatory necessities so you will not lack features. From Google Maps and registration forms to pricing tables and front-end submission, too, in some of the cases.

The tools you find here are suitable for listing jobs, events, real estate companies, restaurants and the like. Visitors will easily find what they are after and enjoy the offers all in one place. With some tweaks, you can also adjust the desired template to a whole other niche. Sometimes, changing images and fonts is all there is you need to do.

While some come with more goodies, the others offer you a distinct look and a more unique approach to online directory websites. Whether you, the owner, are the one adding the listings or letting members do the work for you, whatever feels right for you, you can do it with these free templates.

If you are in need of launching a fully featured online listings site, start with the best WordPress directory themes. Or you can even go with premium responsive HTML5 directory website templates for businesses.

JobBoard Lite

jobboard free directory website template

Like the name already suggests, JobBoard Lite, is a template which is perfectly suitable for job board sites for guests to find the desired jobs and gigs. It is fully responsive with a modern and elegant design which guarantees great user experience. While it comes as a premium template, there is also a free version available as a JobBoard Lite Bootstrap HTML5 template. Perfect option if you are interested in testing the waters of the whole listing websites game. Needless to say, you will still sport a fully working and professional page to attract job seekers.

This fantastic job portal website template covers all the niches within the marketplace and even comes ready for other industries. With easy customization, you can quickly perform adjustments and have a different look to it. Some of the key features of JobBoard Lite template are many available inner pages, different home pages, combined flat and material designs and even premium extensions. You will have your platform organized, easy to use and most importantly, from your end, easy to maintain. Start putting it to use and see what you can do with it. At any time, you can upgrade your popular online directory and go premium. But use the Lite version for as long as you want if it has enough of everything.

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classix free directory website template

To help others promote themselves, their services, products and jobs, ClassiX is the classified ads directory template for you to pick. In free and premium version, this responsive directory website template has all there is you need to construct the desired page. You can even use it as a directory for businesses and attractions. Yes, ClassiX is that adaptable. In other words, you do not have to focus only on one niche, you can cover way more with it. Do what you are passionate about and start grabbing the attention of the people in need. Slowly and steadily, you can grow your listings page and monetize it. Do we hear a profit?

ClassiX free directory website template is highly extensible for when in need to alter it, you can freely do it. Only time will tell how big your site will get. When the time is right, customize it accordingly. One simple option is to invest a small chunk of money and go with the bigger brother.

The template has a ton of built-in pages, distinctive fonts, unlimited color options and two index pages. Additionally, it is search engine optimized, comes with a working contact form and is cross-browser compatible. There is way more to it, but you will have a fun time discovering all the features on your own.

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Factual Villa

factual villa free directory website template

If you do not have an online presence for your real estate business yet, you should consider building a site as soon as possible. It is all possible, simple and efficient with Factual Villa.

The world of the internet almost has no boundaries, meaning, you can scale your business to a wider extent. By having your properties listed online, you can grab the attention of a broader audience and start making a ton more deals. Upon the site’s load, the guest enjoys a wide slider and the quick information about the available properties. Smooth scrolling then takes him or her further down the page to learn more about you and find the listings. Stylish hover and the stunning parallax effects are two features which will make your website look professional.

Factual Villa is a free directory website template specifically tailored to the real estate industry. Using Bootstrap Framework, the template is super flexible what makes it appear on all devices beautifully. Smartphones, tablets and desktops, all flawlessly showcase your products. With Factual Villa, you secure a fantastic user experience which helps you increase your business’ potential. Make sure you enjoy all of its features and build an expert site even though it does not cost you a dime.

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Travel Geo

travel geo free directory website template

Do you like to travel and visit exotic places? Or tiny and cute cities in the Mediterranean to enjoy the culinary goodness? Anyone enthusiastic about traveling and interested in starting a business in the industry, Travel Geo template is here to take care of your needs. Not only will your website give a superb first impression, it will also be of great benefit to the users. While you can use the template for all sorts of purposes, you can also use it as a travel directory for a small agency. Feature testimonials, mesmerizing photos and start gaining new subscribers with the included newsletter subscription box.

The design of Travel Geo free template is very neat and minimal with smooth scrolling effect for a great journey checking out different sections of your travel website. That user experience is, indeed, very important. Moreover, the template comes with all bunch of other highly useful and practical features. Carousel slider, gallery light box and the cool hover effect are just a few of the qualities of Travel Geo template. Built using Bootstrap, HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery, the tool gives you all you need to put together a fabulous page for your business. Get things going and list all the locations in an eye-catching way.

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manor free directory website template

Manor free directory website template follows all the modern standards a successful real estate site needs. Responsiveness and cross browsers compatibility to start with. Followed by stuff like flat style accordions, Font Awesome icons, carousel slider and more. Beautifully designed property form helps visitors find the desired properties in little to no time. Finding properties is easy with an almost advance like search. The index page also allows you to feature the latest properties, as well as most popular ones. The latter can be displayed with a big slider which can easily grab the attention of the right clients. For building customer trust, implementing testimonials is the way to go.

If you are in the business, Manor can help you scale things up with ease. The best part, the first-class website building tool is completely free of charge. But the outcome will be just as professional looking as of those established companies’ websites. Fully featured and sophisticated properties listing template to luxuriate guests with something fresh.

Easily customizable, smooth transition effect, light box, price range slider and Google Maps integration are just a few of the specialties you get treated with with Manor template. Do take them to your benefit and impress every visitor, new or returning. Turn them into loyal clients and share their experience with others and become the next success story.

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Travel Zone

travel zone free directory website template

Fluently adapting to any screen size, that is what your website, built with Travel Zone template, will achieve at all times. Travel destination can be represented in a beautiful light, wowing unique visitors to your page. It can be a perfect fit for a small travel agency, listing their selected few destinations and start the booking process individually, one client at a time. Minimal and clean in the design, Travel Zone is an adventure like experience which pre-sells the customer. Amazing features, effects and characteristics play a big part when it comes to persuading a new guest who just stumbled across your site.

For an even better understanding what Travel Zone template is all about, read the next few sentences carefully. Along with all the features, there are many plugins developers used for this practical template. Responsive-Slider, Simple Light Box and Flex Slider are a few which spice up the overall experience. Another plugin which allows you to play videos in the background is Vide js. As far as features go, Travel Zone sports parallax effect, Google Maps, Google Fonts and has a clear structure. All that you need to not only construct the required website but run and maintain it easily, too. With just one click, the template can be yours and you can start using it right off the bat.

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Estate Group

estate group free directory website template

Aimed toward the real estate businesses, Estate Group free directory website template is here to take care of your requests and requirements. Very stylish and clean in the web design, you are in for a special treat which has you sorted with a fine solution for your business page. With so much going on regarding features and extensions, you will construct a real masterpiece which will move the industry. Not only that, you will easily raise awareness of your company and start marching towards epic success. Capture potential clients’ interest and get them involved in the big online marketplace of properties you run. Your professionalism and integrity will easily persuade them.

Adaptable to any device’s screen size and compatible with all the browsers, Estate Group helps you build all types of sites within the properties selling and renting niche. As a business owner, you might be looking for shortcuts and all bunch of different ways how to save yourself time. When it comes to online presence and building a website, a powerful template is a must for you. It helps you deploy the dream website without any serious prior coding and design knowledge. Since most of the work is completed, you only need to add images and all other necessary information and you are good to go. It might sound too easy to be true. When you choose wisely, things are as easy as pie. With Estate Group template, you already did most of the work. Add listings and start selling.

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Pro Property

pro property free directory website template

To stand out from the crowd in the real estate industry, Pro Property Bootstrap template does splendid work for you with its uniqueness. Your website will have a distinct look and easily impress everyone who visits it. With a massive slideshow above the fold and access to navigation right below, you can promote your offering and give everyone to reach it quickly. Get them involved in the business in as little clicks as possible.

With a solid template, you can put together a lucrative real estate online marketplace which you will only need to promote and drive traffic to it. But executed right and having a strategic approach to it, you can achieve great successes with Pro Property template. Product listing will need to be updated on a regular since those available will sell exceptionally fast. Feature your outstanding agents and get them connected with the customers interested in your items. Engage guests and bring your real estate business on an entirely different level.

You cannot go wrong with a free directory website template which is rich in features. When it comes to Pro Property, it serves all the needed features and extensions for crafting an extraordinary web page. Smooth scrolling, different hover effects, latest properties listing and other whatnots, you get it all with one page real estate template, Pro Property. Things are about to change for your business. This goes especially to all of those who do not have a top-notch online appearance yet.

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fascinating free directory website template

Although Fascinating template’s first intention is to cover all the real estate businesses’ needs, its reach goes way beyond that. As captivating as it is, you can use this free directory website template for all kind of other listings oriented websites. For instance, it perfectly fits the needs of multi-business, construction, rentals, corporate and agency listing pages to name a few. If the web design applies to your requirements, feel free to give it a go, customize it to your needs and start bringing into being the fascinating online directory page you always wanted. No need to limit yourself. Instead, let your creativity do its thing and start a profitable online project.

Fascinating is equipped with the necessities for creating a convenient marketplace in the niche you operate. If there is no such platform yet, it might be that you will be the first who constructed it. Being the first, you have a ton of advantages that will skyrocket your business. Moreover, you can become the website owner who rules the niche and help others to benefit from you. Depending on the type of a directory you plan to launch, you do not only grow your business but help others achieve success, too. You win, they win and the clients win, too. We have a win-win-win situation right here.

Like any other template on our list of the best free directory website templates, Fascinating is also entirely responsive. No matter the device users use for browsing, your page will fluently adapt to any screen size.

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Directory Child Theme Template

child theme free directory website template

While it originally comes as a fully functionally and highly practical WordPress directory theme, it also comes as a free Directory Child Theme template. With it, you do not have to undergo the struggle of creating your own child theme parent to the Directory theme. You can use the pre-built version, keep all the customizations and plugins and give it a new look in an instant. And it is entirely free. Seems like a plan, doesn’t it? But first, make sure you read child theme’s documentation.

With a multi-functional tool for building directory websites, you can do with it almost whatever you want. Especially when it comes to the industry and the niche(s) you want to build the listing site(s) for. You can focus on one topic or mix a number of them. As an example, you can gather all the carpenters or maybe you are interested in all IT services imaginable. All is very doable with a proper and flexible directory website building tool. Give yourself a chance to test the waters and see how things are when it comes to building such page. Easily reach the place exceeding expectations and go beyond belief and have an impact on the industry.

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Realty Expert

realty expert free directory website template

Built with Bootstrap 3 Framework in its entirety, Realty Expert is a free one-page directory website template. Compatible with the most notable browsers and mobile-friendly, your website will work flawlessly at all times. Moreover, it will follow all the modern web trends, as well as giving your market a distinct look. Like that would not be enough, Realty Expert is packed with a ton of useful features. To cut a long story short, if you use it out of the box, you only need to add your material to it and you are ready for the launch. The final product will be of brilliant looks and fully workable. That is exactly what you want to achieve with a template. If possible, it the shortest amount of time.

As for a one-page template, it almost does not feel like that. Above the fold, the visitor can use the search section to choose the items he or she is interested in. City location, price, beds, baths and more is what allows them to be very precise with their searches. Furthermore, in the top right corner, you have the menu button which makes it appear in a drop down with icons. By clicking on the desired section, guest moves further down the page and begins examining your offerings in great detail.

You, being the expert in your field, Realty Expert template also allows you to start writing a blog. Hint: use it for content marketing. Posts, as well as latest news, all appear in a beautiful pop up. A similar thing happens to properties. On your page, you can also feature client testimonials with a slider for the trust factor. Last but not least, working contact form and Google Maps are included in the template.

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SJ Directory

sj theme free directory website template

For everyone who is using Joomla platform, meet SJ Directory template. Since the popularity of its pro brother, developers decided to release a free version for the whole world to experience it. You can now give it a test run and build with it directory and listing sites quickly and efficiently. Thanks to the YT Framework, building and customizing with SJ Directory will be super simple. Besides, it also helps you maintain the directory website once it is live and already driving in traffic.

SJ Directory comes with a comprehensive mega menu which does not show only texts but allows you to offer way more to the user. You can show categories and news with images, videos and even special effects. Even links can be added in the menu. For directories with a ton of elements, K2 component comes very handy. Designed with all the latest technologies, SJ Directory free directory website template takes special care of your website. It even comes with 5 color presets for you to speed up the building process. In addition, it is RTL compatible for you to use Arabic languages, too.

When you download the template, you get quick installation package, free extensions and all the plugins that you see in the live demo.

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