۱۰ WordPress Business Themes that Game of Thrones Characters Would Use Today

The finale of “Game of Thrones” has just aired and shocked us in many ways, even though some twists were quite predictable. Don’t worry there’ll be no spoilers in case you haven’t watched it yet. While we are all waiting for Season 8 and theorizing about what’s going to happen next, let’s play with our imagination a little bit.

What if the characters of this fantasy TV series were people living in the age of digital technologies? In which niches would they make their careers? Based on the analysis of their behavior, we’ve compiled a roundup of TemplateMonster WordPress business themes they would probably use to build sites for their companies.

How Our WordPress Business Themes Would Help Them

The author of “Game of Thrones” seems to enjoy getting rid of characters that fans fall in love with. TemplateMonster has a warmer heart and would let them survive in the cruel business arena full of tough competitors. Here are the features of TemplateMonster WordPress business themes that would help them get through, no matter what.

Drag-and-Drop Page Builder. Heroes of the series would learn how to build unique layouts much faster than they mastered sword fighting. They would be amazed at a variety of layout options, content modules, and drag-and-drop functionality that this innovative tool provides.

Cherry Plugins. Game of Thrones characters would have a lot of useful functionalities at hand when building their sites. The WordPress plugins included in the theme packages fit different purposes, particularly project showcase, newsletter form popup, services, testimonials, team members, sidebars, etc.

Sleek, Modern Design. As you know, characters of the series look quite attractive and would naturally want to have the same look online. Designed according to the latest trends, these themes can turn any site into an eye candy.

Custom Widgets. With widgets, Game of Thrones characters would be able to add extra functionalities to different website areas. They include a tag cloud, search, slider, carousel, image grid, calendar, and many others.

Live Customizer. This tool would let characters of the series customize their sites beyond recognition, from top to bottom. They would find it convenient to preview changes live, without constant reloading.

Fully Responsive. These WordPress business themes work equally well on smartphones, tablets, and desktops. That way, our heroes would have an opportunity to reach customers on portable devices that all the modern people are constantly using.

SEO-Friendly. As the code and structure of every theme was optimized based on Google requirements, their sites would get high SEO rankings.

With these WordPress business themes, “Game of Thrones” characters would get their sites up and running in no time. After finding out how easy the themes are in use, some of them might also be interested in developing their own products and selling them in the TemplateMonster marketplace.

Innovi – Startup & Creative Digital Agency WordPress Theme for Cersei Lannister

Innovi - Startup & Creative Digital Agency WordPress Theme

Cersei Lannister is a cold, cunning, and ambitious queen who will crush anyone in her way to achieve her goal. In the modern world, she would launch a startup and wouldn’t stop until it became a multimillion dollar company. Innovi is the theme ideal for giving her business a kick-start.


Innovi is one of the best small business WordPress themes with a creative design, fixed navigation, and clean code. Its rich package contains different versions of the header, footer, and blog layout with which to experiment. The theme also has many typography options and supports all the post formats to create an informative site, namely audio, video, gallery, quote, etc. As Innovi is an Ecwid-ready theme, it will take just a few minutes to add store functionality to it.

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The Legal Way – Lawyer & Attorney WordPress Theme for Jon Snow

The Legal Way - Lawyer & Attorney WordPress Theme

Jon Snow is the most honorable guy in the series. He always tries to do what’s right, keep his promises, and help the weak. If Jon lived in the modern world, he would become a good lawyer and do his best to acquit the innocent. So, here is a theme that would help him get a site for his law firm up and running.


The Legal Way is a bestseller among the responsive law firm WordPress themes designed with a professional look. It makes use of ghost elements, brownish accents, and subdued image backgrounds bringing the content into focus. There are also a lot of static (countdown timer, video slider, pricing tables, etc) and dynamic elements (team, services, and testimonials modules). Thanks to a booking form, customers can make an appointment with a lawyer online.

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Counselor – Counseling Therapy Center Responsive WordPress Theme for Daenerys Targaryen

Counselor - Counseling Therapy Center Responsive WordPress Theme

Daenerys Targaryen has grown from a shy, silent girl intimidated by her brother to a confident ruler and mother of dragons. Although she often makes tough decisions, she never loses her kindness. The character would become a successful counselor nowadays. She would share advice on how to overcome weaknesses based on her own experience. Here’s one of the coolest counseling WordPress themes that would help her business thrive.


Counselor is a universal solution for any medical site. Its uncluttered layout with light color accents provides an easy-to-navigate and eye-friendly experience. Customers can see medical center images in a stylish gallery and filter them by categories. A timetable plugin allows you to create an online schedule for your upcoming events and customize each of them with a few clicks.

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Magic – Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme for Melisandre

Magic - Multipurpose Creative WordPress Theme

Melisandre is a powerful magician who has no match on the show. She looks young despite being a few centuries old, brings the dead back to life, drinks poison and stays alive… Today, she would become a competitor to David Copperfield. And here’s the theme she would use to start her career in the world of magic and draw attention to her tricks online.


Magic is a multipurpose WordPress theme packed with 4 ready-to-use skins and 7 homepage layouts. It comes integrated with Revolution Slider to create breathtaking, skilfully animated slideshows. With Magic, you will have multiple tools at hand, namely a visual editor, mega menu, WooCommerce pack, etc. None of your data and settings will get lost due to TM Dashboard Plugin. It makes automatic backups that you can schedule the way you like.

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TechnoFix – Tech Repair Company Responsive WordPress Theme for Samwell Tarly

TechnoFix - Tech Repair Company Responsive WordPress Theme

Samwell Tarly is neither the bravest nor the strongest fighter, but he is definitely the big brain of the series. Most of his time he stays buried in books, which makes knowledge his power. If Sam lived today, he would be one of those tech geeks and build a site with one of the top computer services WordPress themes like this TechnoFix.


TechnoFix boasts a clean, user-friendly layout spiced up with parallax backgrounds and hover effects to engage visitors. An appointment manager plugin makes it easy to organize a work schedule and enable customers to book a consultation right on the site. The theme package includes pre-designed pages for multiple purposes, from About Us and Services to Coming Soon and 404.

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EcoTech – Environment Saving Technologies WordPress Theme for Bran Stark

EcoTech - Environment Saving Technologies WordPress Theme

Bran Stark has a magical connection to the world of nature. After becoming paralyzed, he received a powerful gift enabling him to get into the minds of animals, see through their eyes, and control their bodies. If the boy lived today, he would definitely devote his life to the protection of Nature. Bran would develop environment-saving technologies and go live with EcoTech.


EcoTech is a well thought-out WordPress theme with a page-wide slider, banners, gallery, icons, sleek animations, and much more. Thanks to an advanced search plugin, visitors can see results when typing in their queries. Integration of social media options lets them share the content and follow the company on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks. The theme comes packed with multiple ready-made pages such as Our Team, Partners, Careers, FAQs, Terms of Use, etc.

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IronMass – Gym Fitness & Bodybuilding WordPress Theme for Arya Stark

IronMass - Gym Fitness & Bodybuilding WordPress Theme

Arya Stark is a strong and willful young lady who hates stereotypes imposed by society. She doesn’t support the idea that a woman must get married, please her husband and nurse children until the end of times. Instead, Arya likes sword fighting and riding. In the modern world, she would become a great fitness trainer and promote her center with IronMass.


IronMass is one of the top fitness WordPress themes for building a fully-fledged site with ease. It was designed with a dark tone and highlighted with red accents to give a stylish look to the site. Thanks to a large set of layout options, it’s possible to experiment with the page structure in many ways. Drag-and-drop functionality and live customization make it a breeze to come up with unique layouts.

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Jen+Ben – One Page Wedding WordPress Theme for Sansa Stark

Jen+Ben - One Page Wedding WordPress Theme

Sansa Stark is a direct opposite to her rebellious little sister, Arya. She is a naive, sensitive girl who doesn’t seem to care much about the cruel things happening around her. The only thing she dreams about is a pompous wedding in all the best traditions. Today, she would succeed at a wedding business especially if she launched her site with this elegant design.


This theme, built with Cherry Framework 5, features a one-page layout perfect for storytelling. Due to a sticky menu, visitors can reach any content section with a single click. To post your content, you can choose from classic, grid, justify, and masonry layouts. With pink accents, calligraphy fonts, and large images, this theme is definitely one of the most attractive wedding WordPress themes.

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Swanxy – Ad Agency WordPress Theme for Tyrion Lannister

Swanxy - Ad Agency WordPress Theme

Tyrion Lannister is a man of big intellect that compensates for his small stature. However, he is small not in all places, according to one of the ladies from a local brothel. He is also notable for his diplomatic behavior, which would make him a perfect advertiser today. And Swanxy, one of the best advertising WordPress themes, would help him kick-start his business.


Swanxy offers pre-designed pages of different types such as general (Projects, Team, etc), auxiliary (FAQ, Careers, Clients), and special (Maintenance, Coming Soon, 404). In terms of functionality, it’s possible to equip layouts with a cutting-edge gallery, subscription form, fixed menu, social media options, Google map, and much more. Thanks to an innovative wizard, the theme, plugins, and sample data can be installed with just a few clicks.

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Monstroid2 – Multipurpose WordPress Theme for Jaime Lannister

Monstroid2 - Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Jaime Lannister proves that people can change over time and deserve redemption. Over 7 seasons, this character has turned from an arrogant, hot-tempered, and cruel bastard into a compassionate, loyal, and wise leader. And leaders deserve a leading template, which is what Monstroid2 is.

Monstroid2 is the flagship of WordPress business themes currently available on the market. It provides a wide choice of homepage, header, and footer layouts. There are also 9 extra skins based on a thorough niche analysis and equipped with niche-specific features. Functionally, Monstroid2 is fueled up by 20 plugins including premium MotoPress products. Not only does the theme support WooCommerce, bbPress and BuddyPress, but also comes with pre-designed pages for these plugins.

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While “Game of Thrones” has a lot of villains to fight, the business arena has a lot of competitors to withstand. But the characters are anything but foolish. They know their goals and try hard to achieve them, even the most radical things. With these WordPress business themes, they’d have an opportunity to relax and enjoy their time. As some of the characters have royal manners, they wouldn’t want to lift a finger and would order TemplateMonster Service Center to do the work for them. But first they would need to get an official certificate from the company’s Certification Center.

Do you disagree and think that some of the series characters would choose other themes for their sites? Share your ideas with us in the comments section of this post, please.

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