۱۰ Free WordPress Video Themes for Self-Hosted and Embedded Videos 2017


What is marketing? We hear this word so much that its mention has become like background noise. In reality, marketing is the science of presenting your product or service, to a wide variety of people. Although it is not directly tied to science, it is a highly scientific pursuit. A lot of things must be considered, with demographics, human psychology, economic knowledge and good old fashioned charm and humor, being involved in the process. It is about making others see your product or service through your own eyes, and convincing them of its quality.

Since the advent of the internet, this whole process has entered a digital age, where websites as just as important as calling cards once were. The problem with online profiles, is that despite their quality, they truly are a dime a dozen. If you do not attempt to stand up and develop your own personality and feel, you will be threatened with becoming obsolete. As consumers, we often experience things through our emotional filters, so presenting a feature list of your product may not be enough to attract customers.

Enter WordPress, and its vast community. One of the best online platforms out there, it provides consumers with a versatile, interactive experience that has no equal. A very talented development these will find plenty of opportunity here in designing beautiful themes. These themes give your page its own unique look and layout, a canvas of creativity through which the user can not only market his content, but express his creativity. From this, it is only a small step to incorporating videos on your site. Videos are proven to attract more attention than any other form of media, so let’s take a look at some of the best WordPress video themes:



If your goal to design an interesting video sharing site, be sure to check out Shapely. This high-quality WordPress theme will never disappoint, as it offers a broad selection of useful features. Most free and premium plugin are supported iThemes Security, Contact Form 7, WordPress SEO, Jetpack, and many more. WooCommerce is no longer considered a premium plugin, so you can get it free of charge. This makes it very easy to construct personal online stores and eCommerce sites. The site owner’s bottom line can increase, by charging for merchandise or premium content. Shapely is also translation-ready, enabling the creation of multilingual sites. This makes it easier to appeal to foreign demographics, as you attempt to distribute your videos.

The theme is highly customizable, as you get to design a page that perfectly matches your vision. Every site element or theme can have its color changed with a single click. Owners are able to implement Hero Images in order to shine a spotlight on their best content features. Shapely has a one-page design, and a layout that is responsive towards all devices. Regardless of the client’s screen size, he/she will be able to view your site. High-resolution Retina displays are also support.

A well-written documentation source was made available.

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Newspaper X

Newspaper X is a WordPress theme of solid dedication to news and magazines. Storytelling and the latest gossip are its topic of strength. Newspaper X uses Bootstrap framework and its very customizable.  It has an awesome header that serves as to insert the headlines for the day! You get grids for image and texts posts and an integrated ad banner management. Sibedars, a topbar with a search bar and footers are also featured. Play along setting its recent posts pages, its contat page. You can even divide posts in 4 cool types/topics sections. Start using this amazing theme and get what you are looking for! Get Newspaper X!

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NewsMag Lite


NewsMag Lite well designed magazine WordPress theme. It comes with self-hosted and embedded video support. You can share videos from websites such as Youtube, Vimeo and many more. This is by far the most flexible magazine WordPress theme available today and it is surprising that developers are giving away it for free. Try NewsMag Lite yourself to see how well designed and coded this theme is. More info / Download



Activello is a polished and professional, interactive and dynamic, very modern and sophisticated, deeply flexible and visually stunning, graphically well structured and developer friendly, technologically proficient and highly responsive WordPress multipurpose theme. Activello is a theme that incorporates all the latest and most advanced web development technologies available, elegantly coordinating them into a cohesive and visually coherent whole that is engaging and relatable to a broad spectrum of users across all demographics, due to its simplified, free-flowing, aesthetically pleasant nature.

Activello is perfect for tons of applications, but chiefly among them, it stands out as a spectacular and refined video blog theme. If you are in need of a website that can receive your incoming traffic, whether it is from apps, marketing campaigns, coupon redemptions or any sort of massive user temporary home on the web, Activello is a theme that can pull this off in style and grace every time. With features such as custom built configurable sliders and infinite scroll with dynamically loaded, endless content, Activello is both expansive and light, a perfect fit for the mobile era. And with its deep-running Boostrap roots, Activello is of course natively responsive across all devices, browsers and screen sizes. Try Activello today!

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Ascendant is a versatile and easy going multipurpose WordPress theme. It comes with a responsive design in all senses. You will get a layout designed to adapt to any scenario. Page and posts can handle endless countless customizations and use many shortcodes. Ascendant is WooCommerce compatible to set up premium quality shops of any product. You will get with it customizable sidebars, color pallets, and +100 Google Fonts. This is a friendly modern looking theme made to adjust to your needs. Get this awesome theme now! Get Ascendant!

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Travelify – Awesome Travel Theme

Travelify corporate travel theme

Search for any countdown of the best WordPress themes, and Travelfly you most likely be featured there. Its versatility allows it to fit any category, and satisfy any need. Be it business sites or personal blogs, Travelify has you covered. It has a responsive design, a featured slider and it was optimized to be retina ready.

Multiple layout were incorporated as well as some awesome plugin support. If you wish to sell your service or product, the WooCommerce plugin will allow you to do so in a controlled and reliable environment. Support for this theme is provided for free via Colorlib official support forum.

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Sparkling – Free Flat Design Theme

sparkling photography theme

This theme was built using the famous Bootstrap 3 Framework. It has a clean, sharp look that is sure to impress any website viewer. A frontend design was included, making it perfect for tablet and smart phone displays. Any respectable theme must be able to project itself seamlessly on any device, regardless of what browser is used, what is the resolution of its screen, or what manufacturer it has.

The developers have also released a demo, so you are able to test this theme, without the need for a download commitment. Play around with the limitless color palette and find what works best for your page.

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Pinbin – Beautiful WordPress Theme

pinbin grid style theme

Although most items on our list are good looking, this definitely stands out as one of the most aesthetically pleasing themes. It manages to keep a clean, streamlined appeal that is sure to work well with any device. You may preview it by checking out the free demo that was made available. The design is fully responsive, while maintaining a charming, minimal aspect that is sure to project a tasteful and controlled aura.

Full image functionality is guaranteed, while the lightweight coding provides a resilient yet simple framework for this charming theme.

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Focus video template

If you want to display your video content, Focus is probably your best choice. By using oEmbed, this theme is able to feature videos from sites such as Youtube or Vimeo. But links are not the only ways of showing off video, given that Focus has its own incorporated mp4 player. It should be mentioned, that although personal sites are facilitated by the skin, it may also prove useful for educational sites.

If you have any issue, or you just need a quick walk-through, feel free to access the premium or free online support at Siteorigin support forum.

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Nouveau Riche Theme

nouveau riche blog theme

This is a plain yet elegant WordPress theme, designed to facilitate and support the online creative process. This theme is willing to give you a voice, and help you stand out from the multitude of other sites. It includes multiple post formats such as video,audio,gallery,aside and standard, and custom headers. A color customizer was also included, so the user has complete freedom when it comes to his page’s color scheme.

Other features include a custom menu, a custom background, featured images, responsive layouts, a dual column design and a fully responsive framework.

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If you couldn’t find theme you were looking for on this collection you might want to look into premium WordPress video themes. Since all WordPress themes does allow you to upload and embed videos you might want to check other awesome theme collection on our websites. Also feel free to ask questions about these or any other WordPress themes listed on Colorlib and we will be happy to help.

I am not yet happy with this theme collection because there aren’t many great themes out there that are free and made for video hosting and sharing. We would like to encourage theme developers to release more video themes because demand for this kind of themes are relatively high but existing themes aren’t competitive. This is not just a problem with free video themes as most of premium video themes that you can find here are average at best too. There must be some explanation for that but based on statistics for both of these collections I can can confirm that users are interested in this kind of themes but they leave our website disappointed because they couldn’t find the right theme. Developers, this is a great opportunity for you!.